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Parents in Yorkshire are ‘most afraid to speak up’ about testicular cancer

Parents in Yorkshire are the least likely to talk to their children about health issues compared to any other region in the UK, according to a new survey.

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According to male cancer charity Orchid, over half of parents in Yorkshire admitted they do not talk about serious health issues with their children on a regular basis.

25% of them never broach the issue with their children and over three-quarters of parents would just refer their child to a GP to seek advice on their health rather than speaking to them directly.

31% of the parents also do not feel confident discussing signs and symptoms of testicular cancer with their sons, despite this being the most common cancer to affect young males.

“If caught early, the disease can be 98% curable”

Chief Executive of Orchid, Rebecca Porta, said: “Awareness of testicular cancer has significantly improved over the past few years, but these concerning findings illustrate that many parents in Yorkshire still don’t feel equipped to discuss the topic with their sons.

“Talking to your child about the signs and symptoms of serious health issues is extremely vital, especially when it comes to testicular cancer. If caught early, the disease can be 98% curable.

“Orchid is calling on parents in the Yorkshire region to take a few minutes to educate themselves about testicular cancer, learn how to carry out simple self-checks and recognise the early warning signs and symptoms, to enable them to pass on potentially life-saving information to their children.”

Over 2,200 young men aged 15-44 are diagnosed with testicular cancer each year.

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