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Anti-austerity single featuring PM singing creepily draws in crowds

An electro pop outfit from Huddersfield has been gathering a following after releasing a single which features a face cutout of the Prime Minister singing.

Cabinet Of Millionaires

Image: Cabinet Of Millionaires.

Cabinet Of Millionaires released the protest song on 4 May, but it has since been watched over 25,000 times and shared over 800 times.

Dave C, the man behind Cabinet of Millionaires, said: “You can see how bad folks think this election result is, if you consider all the protests that have been organised from Leeds to London to Liverpool just two weeks into this new Tory Government. And the excellent People’s Assembly Against Austerity are building up to the big one in London on 20 June.

“But much of the inspiration comes from the late great Tony Benn and the efforts of campaigns like the Campaign For Free Education back in the nineties which opposed the introduction of tuition fees.

“The Cabinet of Millionaires track was written about a year ago and when I saw there was a real danger the Conservatives would get in I figured I should release it.

“When Dave got in power back in 2010, one of the first things he said on the steps of 10 Downing Street was “those who can should, those who can’t we will always help”. Seriously?

“I mean why are over a million people using food banks then? How is it that the last government claim they are lowering the debt but actually increased debt more than Labour did over 13 years. Why fund all these bombs and weapons yet cut 12 billion from welfare. This government is prioritising the rich and punishing the poor and vulnerable. We ain’t seen nothing yet. This is bull****.”

“The CD has even been shipped out to a geezer in Canada”

According to Dave, the track is now gathering support from all over the UK, despite being hard to publicise through the mainstream media.

Dave said: “It’s been very hard to get radio play/mainstream press for something like this but getting there, and on Facebook for example the video has been shared by approaching 1,000 folks and watched 25,000 times. Not bad for a start up.

“The track is now gathering support from folk all over the UK. The CD has even been shipped out to a geezer in Canada and big dance labels like Medschool and Hospital Records have even been tweeting about it.”

Watch the video for the single below. Contains strong language.

The single is on ITunes at The single and CD can be downloaded for free (or people can pay what they want) at

You can also follow Cabinet of Millionaires on Facebook and on Twitter.

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