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Human Relief Foundation continues work in Calais

A Bradford-based aid organisation is continuing its work to assist those in need in refugee camps in Calais and Dunkirk in France.

Human Relief Foundation In Calais

Waseem Iqbal distributes aid in Calais. Image: Human Relief Foundation.

Human Relief Foundation (HRF) has been working in Calais since early September through its Path Of Mercy project, facilitating assistance and working with those who have been arriving to distribute aid.

In a statement issued by the charity following a regional news report, HRF said it has been reviewing the need for work in Calais and is to continue its presence.

Human Relief Foundation In Calais

HRF coordinated distribution of warm meals in Dunkirk. Image: Human Relief Foundation.

The statement said that HRF has been “reviewing the need for work in Calais on a continuous basis, and there is a need in Calais for now, hence the continuous presence of our Path of Mercy project team.”

It also stated: “The Path Of Mercy project is aimed to help refugees and migrants in Europe. Through donations and people’s generosity, we purchased aid that was desperately needed such as food, hygiene kits, men’s shoes and clothes and distributed them efficiently in addition to facilitating the efficient distributions of aid with other individuals and charities.

“We will continue to coordinate efforts and have a presence in the camp whilst we have the capacity and will be building communal kitchens and portable shower units for camp residents.

“HRF is encouraging convoys and individuals from the UK who have been giving up their time and money to travel to the camp to provide assistance and aid to continue their work.”

A spokesperson from the aid organisation said misleading stories have been circulated about HRF withdrawing its assistance from the camp.

The spokesperson said that these claims are untrue.

HRF has also been assessing the needs of refugees and migrants in Austria and is now assessing needs in Kos in Greece.

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