Published On: Wed, Mar 18th, 2015 on 3:42 pm

Shocking footage shows brawl over wage in Bradford city centre

Footage has been shared to the Yorkshire Standard showing a brawl take place in Bradford’s city centre, also showing what seems like two women being attacked by a man.

Philip Martins Bradford Assault

The incident took place on Monday when five people were arrested after a brawl outside a newly-opened Philip Martin’s hair salon in Cheapside.

According to the conversation in the video, the women were attacked due to a wage dispute.

The girl holding the camera tells people to call the police after she is later pushed to the ground.

Police confirmed that they attended the incident at 2.30pm and arrested two women, aged 18 and 41, and three men, aged 24, 31, and 32, on suspicion of affray.

They were all released on bail later that day but inquiries are ongoing.

The video contains scenes that may be distressing to some.

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  1. khan says:

    Thats beside the point if they were smashing up his shop he should of called the police not used physical contact. That is discusting using force on a women!!

  2. Drew says:

    The owner of the shop was in another newspaper saying how good of a opportunity it was to work for him and he would pay good wages and would even open more shops when in reality he doesn’t pay his staff and if he gets questioned he gets heavy handed as seen and herd in the video I hope he goes out of business for the way he has treated people

  3. Clare says:

    Man , yeah there is two sides , he sacked the girl after she turned up at her normal time for work after he decided last minute to change her hours without consulting her. So he told her to remove her uniform which would have left her in just her bra. ( luckily she didn’t ) and that she was sacked. She asked for her wages which he refused to give her,over a months worth at over 40 hours a week. Another 6 have not been paid either .The following morning her mother rang the salon and said we will be coming down for her wages. When they arrived he was stood OUTSIDE the salon with the cafe manager from next door. The rest you can hear on the video. He punched her mother in the face , grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the ground . He grabbed her daughter by the throat and then hair. Reasonable force is not beating someone up. , she received injuries that needed medical attention.

  4. San says:

    Does not show her been punched but her falling which could be her hitting hr face

  5. Man says:

    If someone has to be forcefully removed out of o shop because they are trying to smash it up woman or no woman I think it’s only right. Getting pushed and thrown out of a shop is not attacking it’s more self defence. I have nothing to do with this salon but there’s always two sides to a story and women should act like women. Really bad publicity I would be suing personally

    • Phil Arron says:

      They were not inside the shop you plonker, they were all stood outside – hence your first point is invalid. And have you not seen the bruises the woman received they’ve been shared. THE MAN ATTACKED THEM ENOUGH TO MAKE RED MARKS AND BRUISES ON ONE WOMAN’S FACE.

      You are sticking up for the salon or the woman beater, you should be ashamed!!

    • Your Name... says:

      The young girl was only trying to get her wage she hadn’t been pay at all and was they wasn’t going to pay her there’s no need to attack a woman (or man ) there need closing down and locking up there a peace of ****

    • Maggy says:

      they were outside, go sue yourself you idiot

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