Published On: Sun, Apr 19th, 2015 on 4:57 pm

Fears of dog thieves operating in Shelf park in Halifax

EXCLUSIVE: A notice has been put up in Shelf park in Halifax warning visitors of dog thieves who are believed to be operating in the area.

Dog Theft Shelf Park

The notice, which was recently stuck up on a window by an anonymous person, reads: “BEWARE! DOG THIEVES OPERATING! 2 MEN WITH ‘O2’ REG SILVER CAR.”

According to the person who took a photo of the notice, the lady who had put the notice up said the police were made aware.

The Yorkshire Standard has contacted the police in regards to whether any incidents have been reported from the area.

Social media pages have been sharing various appeals of missing dogs from Halifax this year.

On 3 January, a Liver and White Springer Spaniel named Bramble was taken from her owner’s car.

Bring Bramble Home Halifax

Bramble, last seen in Greetland, Halifax.

Suffering from epilepsy and needing her daily medication, she remains missing.

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