Published On: Wed, Mar 18th, 2015 on 1:43 pm

Bikers hold up traffic to rescue dog on busy highway

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A group of bikers stopped in the middle of a highway just to help a dog to safety.

Bikers Rescue Dog

Image: Prince Henry/YouTube.

The video, which has been trending in Spain, has had over one million views in the matter of a week.

It shows the group of biker friends surrounding the dog and trying to grab it so they can take him away from the highway.

A commenter on the video wrote: “Bikers get a bad rap, and this video clearly proves we do have some good souls among us”.

Another wrote: “They’re not Hells Angels, they’re more like Santa’s Little Helpers.”

However one person disagreed and wrote: “Not only are they putting themselves at risk but the drivers they are stopping. I am all for being kind and helpful, but this is stupid and reckless. A dogs safety is not equal to a humans.”

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