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Anonymous page set up to ‘expose’ sex offenders in Halifax

EXCLUSIVE: An online group attempting to ‘expose’ sex offenders in Halifax is attracting local attention.

According to the page, ‘Halifax against sex offenders’ was set up ‘for publishing people known/suspected to have comited being/have been charged with a sexual offence (any ethnicity or colour)’.

Halifax Against Sex Offenders

Image: Facebook.

It gained over 500 fans on Facebook in a couple of days of being set up.

The person behind the group, who wants to remain anonymous, said: “If I’m honest I feel Halifax needed something like this. It’s too common that people are committing these offences and I felt Halifax needed a deterrent as well as informing the rest of Halifax of the goings on that they may or may not know about.

“In Halifax there are similar pages like this but this is Halifax’s first and only on this specific matter and we are making great progress at the moment.”

Although the owners are aware of the likes of self-styled “Paedophile Hunter” Stinson Hunter, the owners say they do not lure in offenders but use mainly news to raise awareness.

The admin said: “We are against all sex offences but do not pretend to be someone else to lure the offenders to us. We only print stories of true events that have happened to real people, and we don’t have enough time to pretend to be a 14-year-old girl to lure an old man.

“Many of our stories come from the press or true stories from the victims themselves with adequate evidence or proof it actually happened.”

The group does however, ask people to come forward if they have information to share, “as long as the accusations are true”.

The group says it has no ties to any political or faith-based group.

The admin also wrote: “Anyone reporting this page to Facebook or the police is covering for the offenders and will be suspected by the police and us as being a culprit or offender”.

What do you think of pages like these? Should people just leave matters to the police? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This page was set up as a further means to victimise a young girl by portraying her father as an abuser, this information was fable and the page admin has breached 3 times a 5 year restraining order of which she has in place against him, further more the page has made mention of this young girl by name causing her family no end of grief, why are you even giving the page more attention when the administrator himself is a criminal with psychotic tendencies, a long list of ASBO’s and charges of harassment……

  2. Alison PERRETT says:

    If you as the said anonymous admin truthfully why the page was set up he will lie and tell you it was to out sex offenders, he made false accusations and was arrested himself as a result of this as the admin is in fact a convicted stalker and used the page to continue his reign of terror over the girl he has stalked for two years! He is a very dangerous man and therefor when he was arrested no activity from the admin the whole time he was in cudtody then an hour after his release the page was closed down! Why do you continue to give this brainless idiot time and energy

  3. Sarah says:

    My only concern is that innocent people will be exposed. Just looked at the page and you cant just share information because someone sends it to you. It is just dangerous!

  4. David Coppin says:

    the pc media often sweep alot of child grooming offenders under the carpet,the public has a right to see who the offenders are,big respect to the people running this page

    • Alison perrett says:

      Don’t big up this page outing sex offenders is one thing but convicted stalkers setting up pages to subject his victim and her family to serious distress is another!! Also I find it hypocritical that a convicted stalker outs people when he’s caused such pain to one family he is a very dangerous man BE AWARE

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