Published On: Mon, May 18th, 2015 on 2:37 pm

Anti-austerity protests to attract ‘thousands’ across West Yorkshire

Thousands have announced plans to take part in anti-austerity protests on the State Opening of Parliament on 27 May.

No Cuts

Led by the Youth Fight for Jobs (YFJ) group, protesters plan to gather in Bradford, Huddersfield and Leeds, to demand an end to cutbacks proposed by the new Tory government.

Under the slogan ‘no to five more years of austerity’, they will be calling for an end to austerity, an end to welfare cuts, an end to poverty pay and the minimum wage to be increased to £10 as well as the scrapping of zero-hour contracts.

They will also voice opposition to cuts and tuition fees and call for a stop on “attacks on the right to protest and civil liberties”.

Iain Dalton, Yorkshire YFJ organiser, said: “We want to bring together young people, trade unions and community groups to demonstrate our rejection of the agenda of austerity – of making the poorest in society pay to finance luxury at the top.

“With £120bn uncollected and evaded in tax each year, PFI hospitals costing us £60bn more than they are actually worth amongst other figures, it’s clear there is money to invest in jobs, homes and public services.”

Over 3,000 people have already announced they plan on attending in Leeds on social media.

Protests are also to take place in London, Belfast and Coventry.

“Fierce resistance on the streets”

Helen Pattison, YFJ spokesperson, said: “The Tories think the election has given them licence to unleash five more years of savage austerity. Young and working class people people face an onslaught. Already struggling with zero-hour contracts and poverty pay, we now face the chilling prospect of compulsory workfare for all unemployed 18-21 year olds, a deepening housing crisis and further attacks on education and youth services.

“In reality the Tories have no mandate for this savagery. Less than 1 in 4 eligible voters supported the Conservatives on 7 May. This protest will be sending a signal to Cameron and his friends. Their attempts to smash our future will be met with fierce resistance on the streets, in the workplaces and on our campuses.”

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