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Cashier reported for discrimination against Muslim in Wakefield

EXCLUSIVE: An investigation is reportedly being carried out after a Muslim male was allegedly refused to be served in Wakefield.

Tell MAMA, a project launched by Faith Matters measuring anti-Muslim hate crime, received a report on 27 June after a man at a service station just off the M1 motorway went into the shop to pay.

M1 Motorway

On the M1.

He was turned away by a white female cashier aged 25 and 30 and was told he had to wait for her colleague as she had finished her shift.

The man then waited outside, but moments later he saw the same cashier serve a white female, estimated to be around 40 years old.

He went inside and asked the cashier why she served another lady and not him but the cashier allegedly failed to respond and the man accused her of being racist.

An argument ensued and was caught on CCTV.

The CCTV is allegedly being investigated by the management.

On the same day, Tell MAMA also received a report from Scotland, when a Muslim male was threatened and blamed for the atrocities that took place in France and Tunisia.

Tunisia Terror Attack

Following the attack in Tunisia. Image: chervonec/Instagram.

When the victim asked the individual why he was being abusive to him he replied with: “Because you are responsible for the Paris and Tunisian attacks.”

The abuse then issued to threats of violence. Soon after leaving, the police and Tell MAMA were contacted.

Founder and director of Faith Matters, Fiyaz Mughal OBE, said: “Anti-Muslim hate or bigotry like other forms of targeted hate incidents or crimes have multiple impacts on victims. At a street level some involve assaults though the vast majority include issues such as name calling, insults and general abuse. Whilst some may think this has no impact, it does since Muslim women for example, have mentioned that it generates fear and insecurity and means that some fear going out to do basic things like shopping.

“We have also had cases of attacks on mosques, anti-Islamic graffiti, car vandalism and paint being thrown on Islamic institutions. DVD’s insulting Prophet Muhammad have also been sent to mosques to intimidate workers and to send a chilling effect to these institutions.

“Furthermore, at an on-line level, anti-Muslim hate generates fear, anxiety and depression, particularly when the perpetrator hides their identity. Therefore at a street or on-line level, such intolerance and hate has multiple impacts which can affect the confidence, mental health and perception of security of individuals.”

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  1. Ajax says:

    It is easy to spot a racist, they are the ones that always respond with a “they do it to us” to justify acts of racism and to make sure they continue.

  2. James says:

    All you white christians complaining about made up racism against white christians..stop trying to justify your own racist and islamophobic views. There is no justification for it. Innocent muslims arent stealing your jobs, benefits and houses. Neither are they attacking your culture. They are just living their lives. If you dont like it, go live sonewhere else.

  3. John Kelly says:

    The non white population of the UK although still numerically a minority have legal advantage over the majority white population, this advantage is the Race Relations Act, this legislation allows non white/ non Christian individuals to bring a charge of racial discrimination against a white person simply because the complainant states that they believe the actions of the white person has a racist basis at its core.

    Ex: A Muslim taxi driver picks up a fare, the lady customer who arrived by train to the town at 10:00pm asks to be taken to a nearby village, this customer is a regular traveller, knows that the fare should be between £12-£13 for the journey, the driver demands £25 up front or he will not take her to her home, even though the driver broke no law in setting a price for a journey ending outside the town boundary, he was in breech of an agreement by the taxi association and the rail operator to always use the taxi Meter for journeys commencing from the train station to locations within the county, he was reported to the rail operator for breeching the agreement, the Muslim driver responded by playing the “Race Card” and bringing a complaint against the person who had reported him to the rail operator, to the local police claiming the other driver was spreading “Race Hate Rumours” about him, the other driver was then subjected to an hour long interrogation by two plain clothes police officers who informed him that under the Race Relations act if the person bringing the complaint states that they believe the actions of the accused has discriminated them because of the skin colour then the crime has been substantiated, which flies in the face of English law where the presumption of innocence until proven guilty is a legal cornerstone.
    The lady customer involved who had made this journey twice weekly for over a year has not used the hackney carriage(Taxi) service at the station since the incident, so the greedy action of the Muslim driver has deprived all the drivers at the station of a regular portion of their income. The Race Relations Act is legislation that although conceived to protect the individual from discrimination has evolved into a device that protects minorities from criticism and discriminates against the white majority, as such it is a bad law that divides rather than unites society.

  4. Jim says:

    There are many instances of threats and actual violence by groups of Muslims supporting Sharia law. There was a particularly nasty assault in 2012 on an American tourist by one of these mobs which was caught on CCTV. Muslim Patrol in particular in London and the recent incident a few days ago of a Muslim causing severe disruption in a Parisian cafe telling people they “can’t eat during the day because it is Ramadan”. Videoes of all these incidents can be found with a simple internet search.

  5. John says:

    When will discrimination and violence perpetrated against white Christian people, be given the same amount of attention? Just saying.

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