Published On: Fri, Jul 3rd, 2015 on 4:12 pm

Dewsbury mosques and imams issue statement against ISIS

EXCLUSIVE: 18 mosques in Dewsbury have condemned ISIS, also known as Islamic State, labelling them as an “oppressive and tyrannical group”.

The statement has been issued following a wave of attacks carried out or inspired by the militant group.

Islamic State

ISIS have been branded a “deviant, extremist group”.

Just last Friday, an ISIS-inspired gunman killed 36 people on a Tunisian beach, mostly tourists. On the same day, a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a mosque killing at least 25 people in Kuwait.

A 17-year-old, who is believed to be Britain’s youngest suicide bomber, was from Dewsbury.

Dewsbury mosques and imams have called on the youth to actively oppose ISIS ideology.

The statement reads: “Terrorism in any form is expressly forbidden in the teachings of Islam and individuals who commit such heinous crimes against innocent and defenceless men, women and children have acted completely contrary to the core teachings of Islam. Islam regards all human life as sacred and inviolable, the Quran makes it clear that protection and preservation of life is paramount.

“The actions of the gunman who perpetrated the reprehensible killings in Tunisia and unequivocally condemned and there can be NO justification for such actions from the teachings of Islam. We express our heartfelt sympathy and commiserations for the families of the deceased and we pray that they are able to achieve solace in bearing with their tragic loss.

“We categorically condemn all actions of violence, violent extremism, killing and destroying buildings and places of worship in any circumstances; be it committed by ISIS or any other such organisation. This is against the teachings of Islam which is a religion of peace, compassion and mercy.

“Some of the regimes in the Middle East that purport to oppression, tyranny and dictatorship do not follow the teachings of Islam. This includes President Assad’s tyrannical regime in Syria which is oppressive, unjust and brutal. They have committed heinous crimes and numerous atrocities against its people. We are totally against these regimes who contradict to the way of Islam.

“ISIS is an oppressive and tyrannical group which is killing innocent civilians, prisoners of war, journalists, and anyone who refuses to endorse their ideology. These actions are all opposed to Islamic teachings.

“ISIS is a deviant, extremist group and it is prohibited according to Islamic scriptures to support them. Is is in fact an obligation upon all Muslims to actively oppose their poisonous ideology.

“We call upon all the youth of Dewsbury and beyond to remain steadfast in the fact of the empty claims and promises made by ISIS, and to live a true and honest Islamic life as shown in the Quran and sayings of Prophet Mohammad so as not to be duped into confusing falsehood with truth.

“Our young people are the future of this country and the local authorities, police and the Muslim community need to work together to show the youth the peaceful ways of dealing with Foreign Policy and to recognise the complex issues involved and how best to use legitimate non-violent means to support Muslims Globally.”

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  1. Margo fourman says:

    Al hum du lillah!

    Let’s make our own community compassionate caring and cooperative. We do have some tensions to resolve but we should and can be a beacon to the rest of the world. Foster British tolerance and build peace together.

    From a ‘white british’ citizen with UK and Russian Jewish heritage.

    Peaceful Ramadan to all my Muslim compatriots.

  2. Connor says:


  3. Tee says:

    This is very welcome news and the Mosques are to be commended for speaking out.

    I would also ask people to find out about the atrocities committed by (so called) Islamic State in the city of Kobanê in the Kurdish controlled area of Syria at the same time as the actions in France, Tunisia and Kuwait. Newspapers don’t seem to be including this in the reports of IS atrocities on this day.

    IS came from the across Turkish border to attack Kobanê with car bombs and militants who went from house to house killing civilians – 233 people lost their lives that day. ISIS were once more repelled by the bravery and commitment of the YPG and YPJ forces, but so many innocent lives were lost in this vicious attack.

    If people want to stand against IS, please also stand with the Kurds, they are leading the fight on the ground and building a new society where people of all faiths and nations can live together in peace.

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