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UK heatwave: Hospital sees patients suffering sunburn, dehydration and collapse

Patients have attended Bradford Royal Infirmary’s Emergency Department suffering from the effects of the increased temperatures, sunburn, dehydration and collapse.

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Today may be the hottest day in the UK for nine years, and Bradford is among many areas in West Yorkshire, which is expected to see highs of 28C.

A&E consultant Dr Brad Wilson said: “It is great to see the warm weather in Bradford but when it gets too hot, for too long, it can pose serious health risks.

“Those at highest risk are the very young, the elderly and those with serious illnesses as very hot weather can make heart and breathing problems worse. There is considerable evidence that heat waves are dangerous and can kill.”

Met Office meteorologists forecast a very warm, occasionally hot and humid, week across the UK for much of this week.

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Dr Wilson advised: “There are several things that the public can do to protect themselves against the heat. It is important that everyone stays cool and avoids getting overheated or burnt by the unaccustomed sunshine.

“I recommend people use SPF 50 to protect their skin from the immediate and long term effects of the sun when they are exposed for prolonged periods of time and to reapply it frequently. People should stay well hydrated with water and consume 2-3 litres a day.

“Please help older people and young children who are particularly at risk in hot weather, so they stay safe and try and keep a special eye out for elderly relatives and neighbours if they live alone.

“At home, ensure you pull blinds or curtains which face southwards and open windows to promote ventilation. It’s also a good idea to stay in the shade in the hottest parts of the day and wear loose, comfortable clothing.”

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