Published On: Sun, Jun 28th, 2015 on 3:05 pm

Mother demands change to Leeds ‘nightmare’ junction

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EXCLUSIVE: A mother from Leeds, who is concerned there will be a serious accident if action is not taken, is calling authorities to make changes to a junction.

Charlie Sweeps Corner Petition

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Lucia Perdios set up a petition in, calling authorities to add traffic lights and a pedestrian crossing to the junction between A63 Selby Road, Garforth and Leeds Road in Kippax.

The junction, locally known as ‘Charlie Sweeps Corner’, has been branded a “nightmare” from some local residents, including parents who take their children to school.

To date, over 600 people have signed the petition.

“I am not the only resident concerned”

She said: “I am really concerned that there will be a serious accident soon at the junction of Selby Road and Leeds Road. I travel this way twice a day by car to take my children to school at Kippax North and it is a nightmare trying to come off Selby Road on to Leeds Road as there is a blind bend.

“I would love to walk the kids to school but there is nowhere safe to cross and the cars fly down doing at least 40 miles per hour. I really am amazed that in all these years that no traffic lights or a pedestrian crossing have been installed. I am not the only resident concerned and fed up about this, especially us that have children that need to travel to school safely.

“In my eyes this is not good enough. I pay Council and Business Tax as do the rest of my Community; some of which should be allocated to making our local roads safer. There have been far too many accidents on this stretch of road and we should no longer sit and wait for one of our loved ones to be killed.”

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