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Neighbours reveal items they nabbed, and it includes a suitcase full of porn

More people are believed to be casting their eye over their neighbour’s rubbish, and a suitcase stashed with porn is just one of the things that have been taken.

Peeking Through Blinds

Stock image. spoke to hundreds of British residents and asked them “What’s the best thing you’ve ever ‘liberated’ from your neigbours’ rubbish?”.

They found around half of them were prepared to admit that they had taken something.

Of these people, about two-thirds asked their neighbour for permission first, while the rest made off with their booty without asking.

One person said: “I’ve had three motor mowers off my neighbours, and I’ve got all of them working again with a day. One only needed more petrol! I sold all three, easy money.”

Another said: “When the old chap down the road died, his kids threw out everything, including his war service medals. I asked, and they let me take them out of the skip. All very sad, really, they didn’t care what they were throwing away.”

One of them admitted: “I fell out with my next door neighbour after she saw me riding the exercise bike she left out for the bin men the previous week.”

One also said: “A suitcase of pornography. Enough said.”

Others items nabbed included three-piece suites, an entire aquarium set which fits perfectly in the hall, and five cases of rare vinyl records.

“Technically the property of the original owner”

The company’s spokesperson Mark Hall said: “More and more people are casting their eye over their neighbour’s rubbish and thinking ‘Well, I can use that’, but unless they get permission, they’re in real danger of falling foul of the law.

“There’s no legal grey area at all when push comes to shove even if something is in a rubbish bin, it is still technically the property of the original owner until it passes into the hands of the collectors.

“If they see you riding their exercise bike after they’ve left it out by their bins, it’s still theft, and they can still prosecute.”

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