Published On: Wed, May 27th, 2015 on 1:47 pm

Only in Wakefield: Ravers take the party to a local takeaway

EXCLUSIVE: A DJ loading his car up after an event was in for a surprise in the early hours of the morning when he stumbled upon a raving takeaway.

Raving Takeaway

Image: James Hollingworth.

James Hollingworth had finished DJing at the last ever Havana Monday and went to meet friends who had gone to a takeaway nearby.

He said: “As I turned the corner all I could hear was loud music and chanting. Baring in mind it’s 6am on a Tuesday morning I said “who is still open at this time?” only to see a small rave going off at the takeaway down the street.

“At this point I got my phone out and started filming. Absolutely gutted my phone ran out of memory and stopped filming just as it got to the drop in the song and everyone was going nuts!

“The majority of people in that takeaway were people that had come over from Huddersfield. They had all just left the club and the takeaway normally plays music like that, but everyone must have still been in the mood to party so just kept on raving.”

Video below contains some strong language.

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    hasan your story has now gone to daily mail, keep up the good work you’re a pro journo

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