Published On: Sun, May 31st, 2015 on 1:47 pm

Petition calls for tougher sentence for teen driver who caused fatal crash

A petition calling for a tougher sentence on a teen driver who caused death by dangerous driving has gained over 8,000 signs online.

The petition, created by Amelia Drogan on, calls the government to increase the sentence given to Addil Haroon, who boasted about clocking 142mph on a motorway a day after he drove his car into another driver.

Addil Haroon Greater Manchester Police

Haroon, 19, was jailed at Manchester Minshull Street Crown for six years, after pleading guilty to dangerous driving, causing death by dangerous driving, causing death whilst unlicensed and causing death whilst uninsured.

He had sent a photograph of the speedometer while racing on the M62 in a Snapchat message to a friend which read: “Leeds to Rochdale 11 mins catch me”.

Addil Haroon Greater Manchester Police

The next day, he drove a rented Audi A6 through a red light at over 80mph and collided with an Audi A5 driven by 25-year-old Joseph Brown-Lartey, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Mr Brown-Lartey’s parents said in a statement: “Joseph is a great son, brother and friend to many people with his whole future ahead of him which has been tragically and suddenly taken away from us far too soon.

“He will be sadly missed but never forgotten. Our lives will never be the same again.”

Images courtesy: Greater Manchester Police.

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  1. Sarah says:

    This is such a joke he should do 15 years minimum he killed an innocent person. Plus he didn’t even have a driving licence or insurance.

  2. muneeba says:

    I think he should be given a lot more years than six dangerous driving is becoming a trend with these young boys and he should be made a example of innocent people are being murdered he should be given 25 years minimum

  3. Kev W. says:

    An act of murder.When will people learn that a driving licence can be a license to kill in the wrong hands.Sentence should be vastly extended.My prays go out to the victims family

  4. David Brook says:

    The punishment should reflect the enormity of the crime. I feel so sorry for the victims and want motorists to be more aware of the consequences of their criminal actions.

  5. alan winstanley says:

    I wish to back the petition to have the driver who caused this horrendous crime to be resentenced and receive a sentence befitting the crime ,put him away for a minimum of 10/15 years, this will send a serious message to people like him.

  6. Dave calladine says:

    Harpoon deserves 20 years for pre meditated manslaughter

  7. Katiebell says:

    Why was he allowed to hire a car without insurance? I understand he used another person’s (presumably Photo) driving licence but surely this & insurance documents should have been checked prior to letting him take the vehicle. He’s an idiot and a danger to everybody on the roads and deserves to be locked away and kept there, for the maximum sentence available. Maybe he might then learn to stop bragging about his (not very good) driving “skills”. It’s such a terrible shame he killed someone as he’ll pick up with his life once out of prison. The poor family’s future who lost the young man, will never be the same again.

  8. Brian Amis says:

    Addil Haroon should get at least 14 years which is now the case for causing death by dangerous driving.

  9. usma khan says:

    Yes young should be sentenced harsh for killing innoncent drivers

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