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Police target truck and van drivers driving dangerously

Inconsiderate truckers and van drivers in West Yorkshire are being targeted by police as part of a crackdown on dangerous driving.

Dangerous Truck Driving

Vehicles were stopped in the first three days.

The week-long operation ‘Tramline’ forms part of a national initiative with Highways England, which has seen police officers across the country using a HGV (heavy goods vehicle) to film the driving habits of other HGV and van drivers.

Vehicles stopped

Over the first three days of the operation, police in West Yorkshire have stopped 51 vehicles, issued 13 Fixed Penalty Notices and submitted 28 Traffic Offence Reports – which means a driver is to attend an education course or have a fine between £30-£300 pounds and up to six penalty points on their licence.

A number of offences were recorded by police including driving while using a hand-held mobile phone, not being in proper control of a vehicle, not wearing a seat belt, driving without due care and attention or using a prohibited vehicle on the outside lane.

Dangerous Truck Driving

Driver caught using the phone whilst driving.

Inspector Joanne Field, who leads the Roads Policing Unit in West Yorkshire, said: “I know that ‘white van man’ has a dubious reputation in this country but the reality is that most of those behind the wheel of HGVs and other commercial vehicles are among the most professional and experienced drivers in the country. This operation was about targeting the small minority that has led to the ‘white van man’ tag in the first place.

“Using the cab of a HGV allows officers to be on the same level and draw alongside other HGV and van drivers making sure they’re driving without distractions and in a responsible manner.”

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