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Rehomers told to beware of dog fighters looking for bait online

WARNING: Content in story may be distressing to some.

Local residents have been sharing a shocking image of a dog on social media to raise awareness of dog fighters looking for bait online.

Dog Fighting UK Facebook

The story shared online. Image: Facebook.

The image of a female dog named D, who was supposedly used to fight other dogs, has been shared after residents raised concerns over safety of pets sold or given away online.

The image was also shared by a rehoming charity which warned dog owners: “FREE TO A GOOD HOME can mean pain and death for your pet at the hands of dog fighters….DON’T advertise them for free or even sell them on sites like Gumtree.

“Every year, many animals are sold or simply given away to strangers on internet sites or in local newspapers, with their owners believing, naively, that they have gone to a good home.”

Other charities and animal centres have also shared this image with a similar message.

Animal rights advocate Sarah Ridley from Wakefield said: “We need to prevent this happening, because it does exist.

“Of course no-one likes seeing images like this and it’s a sad reality that many dogs are given away by owners who might not realise what they might end up doing to their beloved companion.

“Trusted groups like the RSPCA and rescue centres offer a lot of help when it comes to unwanted pets. No-one should just advertise their pet online and give it away without knowing who the owner is.”

Last month in February, the RSPCA reported that organised animal fighting such as dog-fighting and cockfighting had gone up by a third in the past five years nationwide.

West Yorkshire came sixth in the list of areas with most reports of organised animal cruelty reported to the RSPCA in 2014.

Anyone who wants to report animal cruelty can contact the RSPCA’s cruelty and advice line by calling 0300 1234 999.

UPDATE: The Yorkshire Standard has been told by a reputable source that the story of the dog used in the photo is not true. She was not given away for free and is living a healthy life.

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  1. diana jaques says:

    no matter how bad it looks people need to see what damage it is doing to the dogs and to people its all wrong but people need to know about it and to help stop it all

  2. Lesley Phillips says:

    Human beings ? Don’t think so ! Inhuman would be more fitting .
    Poor innocent animals always suffer and why ?
    Because of selfish , heartless , mean in humans !
    Poor defenceless animals , we need to stop and think !

  3. Uwe Termeer says:

    Stoppt die Hundekämpfe!!!

  4. Elle says:

    This is out ov this world we all need to do some thing about this breeders need to b stop there is to many poor dogs getting put down every min an all cz ov us !!! Also if u get caught dog fighting then they should b ethuthinze them selfs cz them poor dogs will cz ov how they brought them up wish I could do some thing

  5. Barb Thompson says:

    never advertise a dog for free. Chances are the worst of the worst will seek you out to get the dog and who knows what will happen to the dog.

  6. marie says:

    This is so sad and heartbreaking. I would like to see more shelters, fosters, Humane societys take these pets with out charging the person that is looking to give them up. When these places charge folks for serendering a pet when they can’t afford the pet in the first place. They will give them to who ever will take them. Then we end up with maimed animals like this and coast is way more expansive for medical then if these places would of took the pet free of charge and found it a home. Just sayin.

  7. Ingrid Wessel says:

    Humans are so savage. Gas the culprits! We no longer want them on the planet………

  8. Tracey Stewart says:

    Sometimes I despair at the depravity of humans. Cruelty should not be tolerated in any way, shape or form.

  9. patricia Labik says:

    So very sad and disturbing. I feel so bad for these poor defenseless animals!!

  10. Nancy mitchell says:

    40 years ago I rescued a dog and her 9 puppies. I put “free to good home” all of them went but the last one was disturbing as a single guy just took him out of my hands and left, no questions. A week later I read a posting at the vets office, saying beware of people taking puppies to feed to snakes. I truly fear that’s what happened and it has bothered me all this time

  11. Oscar griffin says:

    Brilliant publicity. About time it was bought to peoples attention. Thank you

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