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Yorkshire residents write messages of support on Clarkson petition

Residents in Yorkshire have left messages of support on a petition calling for the BBC to reinstate Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

Reinstate Jeremy Clarkson


Clarkson was suspended after a “fracas” with one of the show’s producers, Oisin Tymon.

A petition was made on by political blogger Guido Fawkes who is calling on the BBC to reinstate the presenter.

The petition, which has gained signatories from even Canada and Pakistan, has been signed by more than 800,000 people including many from Yorkshire.

Steven Thornes from Wakefield wrote on the petition that the BBC is “being silly” and it should remove Eastenders instead, whilst David Graham from Leeds said the BBC is “becoming a joke”.

Carl Barber from Wakefield wrote: “why would you burn your house down because the toaster burned your bread? BBC fools”.

Ivan Smith from Horsforth wrote: “Jeremy Clarkson may be difficult to manage and may not help himself but Top Gear is easily the best programme on tv and should have more episodes not less and it is essential that JC is hosting”.

Clarkson is no stranger to controversy.

In 2011, the BBC apologised to Mexico after Clarkson and his co-hosts characterised Mexicans as “lazy” and “feckless”. Around a year later, the BBC Trust ruled comments by Clarkson that had likened the design of a camper van to people with facial disfigurements breached disability guidelines.

In May 2014, video footage leaked to the Daily Mirror appeared to show Jeremy Clarkson using a racist term while reciting the nursery rhyme Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe.

The presenter later apologised.

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