Published On: Wed, Mar 11th, 2015 on 6:45 pm

Labour party member: Galloway will ‘win another comfortable victory’

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I am a member of the Labour Party in Bradford East – I believe the best hope the country has as a whole is for a Labour majority at the next election.

However, I would gladly support George Galloway in Bradford West. He has consistently maintained an anti-war, progressive voice as a representative of the constituency and has spoken up for working people and those in poverty (a large percentage of Bradford West).

He has also been a vocal advocate for the rights of Palestinians – an issue which is far more significant to the citizens of Bradford than the Labour Party may realise.

Bradford Palestine Protest George Galloway

Image: The Yorkshire Standard.

Meanwhile Labour have shared the same promises to re-connect with their core voters whilst continuing to be soft on tax-avoiding businesses and bankers and appearing to be ‘Tory lite’ at a time when a genuinely left-wing alternative could have easily won majority support.

Despite all their promises after Galloway’s landslide three years ago, Labour have continued to neglect their core supporters in Bradford and cities like it. Indeed, I suspect the only reason the city has been mentioned on Ed Miliband’s page at all is the attention it has attracted as a result of Galloway’s representation.

Three years ago Galloway won as a result of Labour refusing to listen to its voters in Bradford. This time it is refusing to listen to its party members. The imposition of an all-woman short list seems like a flimsy attempt to represent equality, rather than mentioning any clear policies which may improve the lives of the poorest citizens of the city.

Naz Shah’s suggestion that only female MPs are subject to character assassinations is undermined by the fact that a shared article seems to make her campaign all about her character and contradicted by the amount of personal abuse and criticism Galloway has faced despite receiving overwhelming popular support. Selecting only female candidates is no fairer than selecting only male candidates – nor is it any more likely to attract the best candidates or the most open discussion. This was not what the party members in Bradford West wanted and there are rumours that many will now be campaigning for Galloway whom, I suspect, will win another comfortable victory in May.

By John Newsham, Bradford.

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  1. mary says:

    why on earth would anyone want gallaway in ? he makes bradford a no go zone for the good jewish people and incites muslims to riot ( youtube) amongst other things. he should by all rights be booted out of politics altogether
    . disgusting little man.

  2. Ian says:

    Labour’s only support on here seems to be from their own candidate plugging her twitter feed, and even less convincingly a bloke who thinks the council’s doing well – hmm…

  3. Ronnie Campbell says:

    i like George Galloway ! He’s not afraid to debate with anyone the rights and wrongs of today’s issues ,, He destroyed the powerful US senate committee that had accused him of profiteering from the Iraq war .. a war he opposed from the beginning ,, He’s exposed the cosy clubby atmosphere of parliament with too many MPs in there for their own ends only and stealing from the public purse on a massive scale for years !! I hope he’s reflected and is back in parliament after the election ! We need more like George Galloway in the commons !!

  4. Anti-Spotted: Bradford(FB PAGE) says:

    GG all the way, Naz is going for the sob stories, shows her weakness and she also has a lack of political experience.
    Quiet rudez, as I learnt throughout the summer as i met Naz on two occasion, both times she came across as a rude individual.

  5. javed shah says:

    Mr Galloway is not one man band, you got that wrong. Majority of Bradford is with him. He is the only one brave enough to speak up for for wrong doings by our government and wrong doing by the government round the world.

  6. Naz Shah says:

    He’s not being fair. Labour have a good chance of winning in Bradford West. You can see read about the new candidate Naz Shah on Twitter at nazshahofficial

  7. amjad says:

    a labour council in bradford seems to have done well though, galloway is just like a one man band

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