Published On: Fri, Jun 19th, 2015 on 3:08 pm

Shock as gang of youths filmed beating kid as he cries for help

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EXCLUSIVE: A shocking video, believed to have been filmed in Yorkshire, has caused a stir online showing a kid being viciously beaten up.

Kid Bullied Beaten Up Video

Taken from the shocking video.

A young kid with a beanie hat is filmed punching and kicking the young victim as he pleads for help shouting “please”.

The victim manages to escape by jumping into a garden after being chased by two of the attackers and bangs on a window for help but no-one answers.

He is then caught by the attacker with the beanie, thrown to the floor and kicked hard multiple times in the head and back.

An online group who are circulating the video claim the incident took place in Bradford by a group of boys of Asian background. The victim is seemingly white.

The video has been viewed over 300,000 times and shared thousands of times.

The Yorkshire Standard has sent the video to police, and will provide updates on the story.

UPDATE: Three teens from Bradford have been arrested.

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  1. jabeen says:


  2. Asif Ali says:

    I didn’t know Muslim was a race. Some people cannot spell even though their phones have auto completes lol. There are many racist attacks on Asians and they don’t make the news. This boy getting beaten was 12 and the boy not boys beating him was 13. But the edl and other racists are claiming the white boy was 10 and the Muslims were 15. Does the white boy have a religion or is he just white? He could have been Muslim too as Muslim is not a race lol. 2015 and muslims are still not accepted to be English by many. To finish off, the 12 year old made a comment which could have been racist so no feeling sorry for him. If it was an Asian getting beaten then the Asian would have been blamed for starting something racist like usual.

  3. vicki says:

    Disgusting, if this was the other way round there would be riots, this is a racist attacked and hope they get what they deserve dirty little cowards!

  4. Paul Grimes says:

    If this isn’t treated as a race crime and the three Muslim kids aren’t dealt with properly there WIll be trouble in every town, village or city where there are Muslim families!

    • sahhid says:

      Guess what it was ruled as a roberry because it wasnt a racist crime. Go do something about it… oh wait you wont because your puny hars man on the internet only.

  5. saida sadar says:

    Disgusting and dispicable are some of the youths today! How could they. .hope they get caught and dealt with bit unfortunately bristish justice system is a joke! They’ll probably get a slap on the wrist or 12 months only! Nothing really for the trauma they put their victim through! Had they done this in a Muslim Country punishment would have fitted the crime!

  6. John Morley says:

    Not one single person said they were “asian”.
    So why is this newspaper starting such a baseless racist rumour?
    Everyone is saying they were Muslim.
    There is no hindu, sikh or buddhist problem in Bradford.
    Their pictures are also circulating as they originally publicised this video themselves so it was not hard for people to figure out who did it.
    They admitted it online bragging about it.

  7. Darren says:

    Bunch of cowards 3 boys on one bet all they get is a slap on the wrist if this had been an Asian boy they would make an example of the the affender

  8. Bailey says:

    arrest these little rats

  9. kathleen says:

    its absolutley disgusting if it had been a young assain boy there would of been crys of racist attacks hope they get seriously dealt with

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