Published On: Thu, May 21st, 2015 on 1:01 pm

Someone’s idea to leave out bus day riders for reuse is going viral

EXCLUSIVE: A kind-hearted commuter has called on bus users to leave their day riders out for others after they’ve done with them.

Leaving Out Day Riders

Image: Becca Horn.

Becca Horn issued a challenge on social networking site Facebook, urging people to leave their day riders after they’ve used them so others can use them without having to pay.

She wrote: “Calling all people that use the bus… I have come up with a great challenge for me and whoever else wants to join… I figured what’s the use in having day riders left in pockets when they can still be used?!?!?

“So from now on, I am going to leave all day riders (that I have finished with) by a bus stop so people are free to use them! Fingers crossed it may restore my faith in humanity!! I may even get left one myself one day!!!”

More than 700 people, including West Yorkshire residents, have shared the post since it was put up last week.

A dozen charities helping the homeless and needy have also shared the post, labelling it as a “good idea”.

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