Published On: Wed, May 27th, 2015 on 8:11 pm

Women recent victims of anti-Muslim hate crime in West Yorkshire, helpline reveals

EXCLUSIVE: A hate crime helpline has recorded two anti-Muslim incidents in West Yorkshire in the span of two days, including a report of an elderly woman being verbally abused on the street.

Muslim Woman

Tell MAMA, a nationwide project launched by not-for-profit organisation Faith Matters, logged the incidents after witnesses had reported them.

On 17 May, a Muslim women’s group was targeted with online abuse in Bradford.

An individual reported a ‘multitude’ of abusive Facebook posts to Tell MAMA after a number of people targeted the group.

Comments included “return to your country of origin”, “f*** off back to the place your people come from”, and one comment randomly asked the group if they condemned Hezbollah.

A day later on 18 May, an elderly Muslim woman was verbally abused by drunk men whilst walking the street in Huddersfield.

Two drunk men began verbally abusing the female, who wore a loose scarf, as she walked passed a nearby pub. The abusive language included reference to alcohol.

After witnessing the abuse, a Muslim male contacted Tell MAMA to report the incident who in turn forwarded the case to police.

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