Published On: Thu, Jun 25th, 2015 on 9:38 pm

Hero truck driver helps diabetes sufferer on M62

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A truck driver has been commended for helping a diabetes sufferer who became unwell on the M62 motorway.

Truck Driver Helps Diabetic M62

Image: Kelvin Bolam‎.

Kevin Bolam, who was travelling with his friend, messaged Iceland Foods saying they were stuck on the M62 for nearly two hours when his friend started to feel very unwell.

It was not long until a man named Vince driving an Iceland Foods truck came to his aid by sharing his water and chocolate bar.

Kevin said Vince saved his friend’s life.

Iceland Foods shared the story on Facebook, writing: “Whilst stuck in traffic on the M62, Vince jumped to the aid of a fellow road user, a diabetes sufferer, when they started to feel unwell. Vince shared his bottle of water and chocolate bar, and with his quick thinking and actions, this kept the member of the public from becoming seriously poorly. Well done Vince, and thanks to Kelvin for posting this amazing story!”

Kevin’s original post was shared over 60,000 times in just one day.

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