Published On: Sun, Jun 28th, 2015 on 1:46 pm

Woman looks for mystery couple after engagement on Eiffel Tower

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A woman from California is hoping someone will recognise a mystery couple who became engaged at the Eiffel Tower so she can hand over the photographs she took.

Eiffel Tower Proposal

The couple. Image: Jen Bohn.

Jen Bohn was in Europe visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris on 21 June, when she saw the emotional proposal happen.

She wanted to run over to the couple afterwards, but she was stuck in line. So she posted the photos she took of them on Facebook and appealed for people to share them.

She wrote: “Saw this guy propose to this girl on the Eiffel Tower Sunday 6/21/15 wanted to send them the pics but was stuck in line. Help me find them!”

The post has since been shared over 140,000 times.

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