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Film review: Terminator Salvation (2009)

Terminator Salvation

The last surviving humans of earth are in a doomed future ruled by robotic abominations, making it a fight to the death. Literally.

Set in the doomed yet prophesied future (no hope there), Termination Salvation has been long awaited since the first film from 1984 and is one of the biggest science-fiction sagas of all time dating back 30 years.

The story tells of John Connor (Christian Bale), who leads a resistance that he probably never wanted.

He embarks on a journey to find his teenage father, Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin) to take on the events that were set up in the first instalment of the film series. But this is all to happen without Kyle ever knowing what is to happen to him until the day of his ‘termination’.

With high aspirations and the training from his son, the mission is to be completed before he was ever born.

During this time, he takes on many missions trying to rescue Kyle from the grasps of the intelligence system Skynet, the main antagonist. And he gets unexpected help from the first-ever terminator, Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington), a terminator that has trouble proving his humanity to the world and himself.

With the help of thousands of soldiers worldwide, it seems loyalty plays a huge role showing how the terminator’s won’t move an inch without the orders of John Connor.

There was supposedly a small appearance from the bodybuilder-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger with his old body. But this wasn’t true as the body of a man named Roland Kickinger was used, whilst the younger version of Schwarzenegger’s head was added in with the use of CGI.

This film still holds mystery at every point and the question is, where is this film heading? When you watch it, you can’t help but wonder about the future too.

[Spoiler ahead]

In the aftermath of the film set after the battle and destruction of a Skynet factory, there’s a rescue attempt to save Kyle Reese, as John Connor is put into a dire situation.

With the help of Marcus and his last act of humanity, he ends his own life to save John and proving again that not all robots are actually as evil as we thought. So it isn’t all doom-and-gloom.

As for what this incredible film series entails for the future, it is unclear. But it is certain that this film will not be easily forgotten and can be continued with a few more films. So please say “I’ll be back”.

Rating: 7.5/10

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