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Meet the singer from Wakefield who penned a ‘Hairy Vagina’ song

EXCLUSIVE: A singer-songwriter from Wakefield has penned a song about a hairy vagina.

Elliot Beckwith Music

Image: Elliot Beckwith.

19-year-old Elliot Beckwith, signed to Rolling Tear records of Sony Distribution, penned his ‘Hairy Vagina’ single in an effort to make people laugh.

Some verses in the song are:

“She’s got a hairy vagina, and it’s coming out the side.
She’s got a hairy vagina, and I don’t know why.
I shouldn’t be bothered no, I shouldn’t really care.
But I’m quite worried that there’s animals trapped in there…”

Elliot has been gigging and doing open mic nights for around three years, and his ‘Hairy Vagina’ single has gained a mainly positive response since.

“I’ve had one pub that have asked me to not play it”

He said: “I figured it would make people laugh. It gets people in stitches.

“The song mostly goes down well, I’ve had one pub that have asked me to not play it again but that’s the worst that’s happened.

“I do my best to play for as many people as I can and make them laugh. I write comedy songs for my job so you can expect a lot more.”

Elliot released a single in December called ‘The Ballad of a Band Manager’.

It was released to coincide with the X Factor final and is about the life of Louis Walsh.

Elliot plans on releasing a new single in the next few months.

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