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30 East Drive house in Wakefield is still haunted, claims author

30 East Drive Andy Evans

Andy Evans (holding an electromagnetic meter on left) took a photo of an apparition inside the house

A house in Wakefield that was once the location of Europe’s ‘most violent haunting’ is still haunted, according to an author who will share his experiences in his upcoming book.

Wakefield-born Andy Evans has been visiting the house for over five months and has captured images, videos and sounds of what he believes is unexplained paranormal activity, which was thought to have ceased.

According to the traditional story surrounding the house, a poltergeist known as the “Black Monk of Pontefract”, terrorised the Pritchard family during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The monk was a black-robed figure nicknamed Fred, whose appearances became more and more frequent.

Its presence was first felt when powder fell from mid-air to the floor, and progressed into movement of objects and full-bodied manifestations.

But Andy believes there is no “Monk” as thought. Nor do historical documents show any connections with monks in the area.

30 East Drive

A photo of a mysterious figure Andy took with a camera

Rather, the ‘haunter’ is the spirit of a man named Michael who was hung for the crimes committed by his brother who had killed around eight children.

Andy has communicated with Michael, who has replied back to his questions, sometimes in an abusive way.

He is one of the many spirits believed to be present in the house today, as well as a child and one demonic entity that remains unknown.

Andy, who began as a sceptic, visited the house with a friend when by chance, a lady who had the keys invited them in. According to Andy, activity began on the first day.

He said: “We heard footsteps upstairs, and when we returned downstairs, the kitchen chairs had moved and the Bible had also moved around three feet on the workplace.”

Andy has since frequently visited the house with others and has taken meters to pick up electromagnetic frequencies, electromagnetic pumps, night vision cameras, motion detectors and temperature readers.

He refuses to use a ouija board however, an item commonly used to communicate with spirits.

He said: “We know that someone did use a ouija board inside the house. But we show respect and when we go into the house we don’t swear. You have to be careful, you don’t know what you’re messing with.”

Andy claims to have captured evidence of the supernatural inside the house with recordings, videos and images of apparitions. He has also felt the presence of forces that he cannot describe.

He said: “The worst thing that has happened to me was when something triggered the motion detectors upstairs, and when I began walking up, I saw a mass blacker than anything I’ve ever seen on the top of the stairs. It was as if it was coming over to me and my pit instinct was to get into a fetal position.

“The house is never quiet and there’s definitely a lead player in there. Whatever it is, it is wanting to communicate.”

30 East Drive Book

The front cover of Don’t Look Back In Anger: The Black Monk of Pontefract

Andy will be publishing his book ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger: The Black Monk of Pontefract’ soon.

It will recount his experiences inside the house, as well as the history of the house including illustrations and photographs.

He said: “It will be an in-depth study into the property. I want to make sure I can get an accurate record wherever possible, and I’m going to make sure it is backed up by historical facts.

“It will also focus on the area. I think that if people were honest in the locality, they’d admit to paranormal activity as it’s the whole ground. The property might well be the centre of whatever is happening.”

More photographs were taken by our photographer/reporter. They will be available to view and buy here.

About the Author

Hasan Faridi

- Hasan is the founder and editor-in chief of the Yorkshire Standard. A BA Hons graduate from the University of Huddersfield, he has over four years of experience in newspapers, magazines and radio.

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  1. Emzi says:

    Oh my gosh, did people actually read the comments previous to their before posting?? Fred- no one said he got access for five months, read the comments, the investigation went on for many, many years. And as for David Hines, you are a complete t**!! Your arguments are shallow and you clearly didn’t even get the gist of what was been said. You clearly based your arguments on some form of anger you seem to have towards Andy. These comments were made a while ago now, I understand that, either way, I want you to know you are a complete T**! The argument you tried to portray was just pathetic!! Hope you have managed to get a grip on your life since leaving these posts. Andy and Phil- respect to you both. There will always be doubters and I respect that- but just because some people aren’t lucky enough to experience such a thing, they spend their life trying to disprove things and in the process, end up being vile to others!

  2. catherine green says:


    I am just wondering why my Post wasn’t allowed? I did it a couple of weeks ago, and had just come back to see whether it had been published. It doesn’t seem to have, and no explanation? Please let me know why my Post hasn’t been published. I am a believer and, indeed, posted about my husband’s experiences, which are truly as good as any any about East Drive. Thank you

  3. sniper says:

    how did the most haunted team gat access

  4. scott H says:

    Strange how all these incidents occurred in the ’70’s, just as strong horror hit the movie screens. (especially The Exorcist).. and always involves young girls.

  5. Lisa says:

    Hi , I am an amateur paranormal investigator , and would love the opportunity of assisting you in anyway with research and investigating the property. No agenda , nothing wanted other than an opportunity to learn more

  6. andy evans says:

    The house does continue to have activity. I have spent literally thousands of hours in there with other people who can validate evidence. Fred from Ponte.

    • mark vernon says:

      your a liar…youve faked everything regarding that house…dont forget…i was with you when you first went in and im not gonna let you con people

      • andy evans says:

        Mr Vernon this is just another of your attempts at discrediting my research and the book. Yes you did indeed join me on several occasions but you was quickly dropped due to your own fakery and reputation. As you have also been blocked by paranormal groups and in effect banned from the property itself.

      • john smith says:

        Wot about most haunted did they face every thing tonight..31oct2015…would love to get areply

  7. Amo McIntyre says:

    The owner is allowing people to stay now because I have booked to go and see for myself. The same as others should do if they think these are fake.

    • mark vernon says:

      the house is genuinely haunted amo but andy evans faked all the stuff for the book…i know,,cos i was there…

  8. Amo McIntyre says:

    Firstly i think its not about the amount of time spent researching, its about the amount of research and evidence found, regardless what length of time you have been there.
    Secondly how can that be a shadow at the front door? If you take a closer look you will see that the black mass is infront of the banister and bottom steps.
    Lastly the other photograph to me looks like the shadow of the black mist if you look at the shape of the shadow.

  9. andy evans says:

    I welcome you Mr Hines to join me and we can use your obvious expertise as a professional photographer to record happenings in the house. As a professional do you have a portfolio as I am looking for someone to do the final shoots before the book launch.

  10. david hines says:

    i will not be able to take up your offer as i believe the house is not haunted and obviously the people who were with you when these pics were took will side with you.they are easily duplicated.i look forward to taking a peek at this book when it comes out but at the same time,understand that asda are doing a deal on four bog rolls for a pound and as im pretty sure i will get more enjoyment from them,i think i will stick with not even going to waste my time responding to your cuckoos other comments.

  11. G Gentry says:

    The house is being investigated on how it is now…not how it was 40 years ago…I thought Andy made that plain…could I ask David how many years experience he’s had of the paranormal or has he gained all his knowledge from Scooby doo,the reason the family havn’t been interviewed is because they want the past to stay in the past…and Andy has to respect their wishes.

  12. andy evans says:

    To put the record straight. I have not merely been researching East Drive for five months. My interest in the story began as a child when the local haunting first hit the headlines. Research both eyewitness accounts from the time and historical facts have been extensive. I am not and never have claimed to be a paranormal investigator. My research did involve purchasing high tech equipment in order to progress in a final search for the truth behind the story. My only guilt is that I never pursued the remaining members of the family who experienced the activity. I believe in respect and understand the individuals wish for their experiences to remain in the past. I have worked closely however with people who were closely connected to the activity in the early 1970’s. Unfortunately unlike Mr Hines I am not a professional photographer, just someone committed to telling a true account of East Drive as it remains today.

  13. david hines says:

    i think likewise.5 months is a very short time.based on the two photos on this article,i do not think i will be rushing out to buy it,i may look in the comedy section in the local libary when the times long has he been a paranormal investigator ? the article does not say.the landing photo has been clearly doctored and altered.i would love to see the original and examine it for myself,i can assure everybody reading this that those two photos can so easily be duplicated.i have seen more paranormal in episodes of scooby doo.

    • Phil Bates says:

      Just to set the record straight, firstly every photo that as been taken in the property has been witnessed by others at the time it was taken, there is no ‘manipulation’ as David Hines would have you believe, if you can create the same photo as you state you can then you are very welcome to try but let us have it done within the house so myself and a few others who have been involved with the property for the last 40 years can see you do this on your camera, no taking it away and photoshopping on your pc, Andy like myself and a good few others have grown up with events that happened at 30 East drive so the book is not just based on ‘5 months’ of visiting and having vigils in the house, a lot of research has gone into the book prior to the visits starting, I for one have seen with my own eyes what is in the property at a very young age, my father was the one that repaired the Grandmother clock after it had been hurtled down the stairs so yes i’m clued up on events at 30 east drive, and lastly if you believe you have seen more paranormal in episodes of scooby doo, i strongly reccommend you visit the property and show us your proffessionalism at recreating and manipulating photos on site, with any luck you may well leave looking like scrappy doo.

  14. mavis dearlove says:

    Do you think 5 months is enough time to write a book on a supposed haunted location ? Did the author interview people involved ? Get their side of the story? Or is it written on his very short time he has spent in this property ? It may situated in a very historic place , but I think to write a book about a poltergeist haunting , you go staight to the horses mouth and get the people involved to share their experiences , not just what he has experienced in such a very short space in time 5 months !

  15. david hines says:

    ive studied both pictures very carefully,the staircase one is obviously a shadow from the front door,i surmise it was taken sometime in the afternoon..the landing one looks very good but as a professional photographer,i know all the tricks in the book,its obviously taken with a camera using no flash as you see some outline around the figure which tells me it was on slow exposure,ive seen hundreds of these so called “paranormal” photos,there is a figure stood there as you see it casts a shadow on the right hand side wall but “paranormal”, pull the other one my friend..

  16. fred says:

    Why did he get access to the house for five month? Bil Bungay (it’s owner) isn’t letting people in.

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