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Book review: The Little Book Of Yorkshire by Geoffrey Howse

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The Little Book Of Yorkshire Geoffrey HowseDid you know Yorkshire has more acres than there are letters in the Bible? Did you know there’s a street in Yorkshire called Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate?

London-based author Geoffrey Howse brings such intriguing trivia in ‘The Little Book Of Yorkshire’.

Beginning by recounting Yorkshire’s rich heritage as far back as the Roman occupation, readers quickly realise history plays a great part in this pocket-sized book.

Howse also brings together a collection of fun facts, tales, legends and superstitions that make an easy yet quirky read.

If your palm itched you would be sure to get money, and if you were first wished Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year by a ‘fair man’ you’d get bad luck. These are just some of the many superstitions readers can laugh at.

The book becomes more information-heavy as it goes on, like in the ‘High Achievers’ and ‘Sporting Stars’ sections.

But these are particularly interesting because Howse makes an effort in researching those who went on to accomplish great things. A Yorkshire reader may well feel a sense of pride reading through the long list of personalities, some who we regularly see on our television screens.

There are also facts about villages, towns, cities and districts in the ‘Around & About In Yorkshire’ section.

As one of the most lengthy and fact-packed sections in the book, it may be hard to digest for readers who tend to read for prolonged periods of time.

Black and white illustrations scattered throughout the text-heavy book do add a much-needed appeal in the pages however.

But all-in-all, the Little Book Of Yorkshire is what it says it is – a compact book covering a range of facts all in one pocket-sized compendium of trivia.

Readers will discover things about Yorkshire’s rich history they probably never knew of after reading just a few pages.

Howse described Yorkshire well when he wrote that ‘no English county presents such a variety of dramatic scenery as does Yorkshire, nor can there be many counties with a more interesting history.’

The Little Book Of Yorkshire, by Geoffrey Howse (£7.99, Paperback Edition, The History Press).

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