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Yorkshire-born author places frozen man outside Chinese Embassy

Sekabo Book
Sekabo Book
Sekabo BookSekabo Book

Author Richard Woolley has promoted his new novel by placing a cryogenically frozen man outside the Chinese Embassy in London.

Catching the attention of morning commuters, the stunt was not a protest against the Chinese government, but rather a ‘warning’ to the UK government to show what the current economic state could lead to.

Highlighted in Mr Woolley’s new thriller novel named Sekabo, the possibility of England selling off some of its land to a superpower like China as part of a debt repayment deal, isn’t ‘far from reality’.

Mr Woolley, author of Sekabo, said: “With Scotland on the verge of leaving the UK I believe that my novel, an idea inspired by living in Hong Kong, may not be far off what could become a formally united nation.

“My intention with the frozen man outside the embassy was to create a ‘real life’ cryogenic man from the future to come and warn us of where we are heading as a nation.”

Mr Woolley has been a film director and musician and is an active writer and academic.

During 1988 and 1989, he set up the Leeds-based Northern Film School with support from Leeds Metropolitan University, Sheffield Hallam University and YTV.

His new book Sekabo is set in the year 2097 inside a Hong Kong style enclave encompassing Scarborough and the North York Moors.

It is an egalitarian, high-tech republic ruled by China as part of an English government debt repayment deal made in 2047. Life there seems idyllic, until a secret linked to the Royal Family threatens to disrupt its settled world.

The science of cryonics can bring people frozen in the 20th Century back to life however, so cryonics graduate Samantha (Su-Yin) is commissioned by the English and Chinese governments to rehabilitate a young man, deep-frozen in 1990, who may have some answers to this royal rumour.

Sekabo will launch on 30 September and will be available to purchase online on Amazon and selected omni-book retailers.

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  1. Lucas says:

    If I walked past that I’d be creeped for sure

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