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5 Guinness World Records that were set in Yorkshire

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Did you know Yorkshire is home to record-breakers?

In this feature, we’ve gathered some of the most iconic achievements from the county recorded by the Guinness World Records, a recognised authority on record-breaking achievements.

5. The largest number of Spice Girls memorabilia in a collection

Spice Girls

The largest collection of Spice Girls memorabilia belongs to Elizabeth West, who has been collecting since 1998 and has over 2,000 different items of Spice Girls memorabilia.

Her memorabilia, which even contained a pair of Union Jack boots worn by Geri Halliwell, came to the Leeds City Museum and was the first time the full collection had been on public display.

It was here during the ‘Spiceworld The Exhibition’ where the items were counted for the Guinness World Records. It is estimated around 50,000 people visited the exhibition.

4. The largest samosa

On 22 June 2012, Bradford College made the world’s largest samosa, which weighed 110.8 kg (244 lb 4 oz).

The samosa measured 135 cm long (53 in), 85 cm wide (33 in) and 29 cm high (11 in).

3. The longest chain of beads

Little Heroes World Record

The longest chain of beads was created by a Bradford-based cancer charity named Little Heroes on 18 February 2013.

Assembled by Colin Nesbitt and Reece Randle, the chain was laid out in the ballroom of the Cedar Court Hotel in Bradford and measured 8,668.575 m (5.39 miles). Approximately 1.44 million beads were used.

Children who had cancer and were in hospitals undergoing treatment helped in creating the chain.

2. The most people dressed as Sherlock Holmes

In 2014, 443 people broke the Guinness World Record for the Most People Dressed as Sherlock Holmes.

Hundreds gathered at Temple Newsam dressed in deerstalker hats, cloaks, with pipe and magnifying glasses.

They danced to the theme tune of the BBC Sherlock series and also did a collective mob dance to Bee Gee’s hit ‘Staying Alive’.

1. The largest onion bhaji

The largest onion bhaji was made by a team of cookery students from Bradford College and the Prashad Restaurant on 28 September 2011.

Cooked and edible, it weighed 102.2 kg (225 lb 4.9 oz).

Largest Onion Bhaji

Its length was 40.94 inches, the width was 29.62 inches and the height was 12.20 inches.

The ingredients consisted of gram flour (20 kg), rice flour (8 kg), salt (0.5 kg), ground coriander (1.5 kg), chilli powder (1.5 kg), garam masala (1.5 kg), turmeric (0.75 kg), black pepper (0.75 kg), tomato pasata (8 kg), water (20 kg) and sliced onion (100 kg).

Image courtesy: Bradford Council, Leeds City Council, Little Voices (UK).

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