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West Yorkshire areas on site listing Britain’s ‘worst places to live’

Worst Places To Live Britain

West Yorkshire towns and cities have been reviewed on a site that claims to list Britain’s worst places to live.

ILiveHere uploads anonymous submissions onto its site from people who have something to say about their town, city or region.

Users who submit their area need to write a minimum of two paragraphs for the article to be considered. Submissions from councillors or business people ‘writing tourists advertisements’ are not accepted however.

For 2015, the site compiled the Top 10 of the ‘worst god-awful hell holes in England’. Bradford was ranked third place.

Below are some extracts found from submissions mentioning areas in West Yorkshire:

Brighouse: ‘Fortunately there is little of interest to even the most bored of chavs in Brighouse – they all mug little old ladies for bus fare to nearby Halifax.’

Bradford: ‘Bradford is literally hell on earth. The city centre resembles a squalid cess pit, full of monstrous partially demolished 60’s concrete office blocks, Pound shops, amusement arcades… it needs to be blown off the face of the earth. There is NOTHING good about Bradford. Dare to use public transport around the Interchange and you will inevitably get stabbed. Venture a mile or so out of the city centre (if you dare) and things don’t improve one bit.’

Holmfirth: ‘I think here the law has just given up on Holmfirth. The picture of the town during the day is a bleak one. The river is unkept, often you will see TWO plastic bags strew on banks. And this is a good day! Incidents of graffiti can be spotted in at least 3 or 4 places in the Town and surrounding area, and the authorities do little, with these eyesores often staying unremoved for days at time.’

Leeds: ‘There’s so much talk about how much of a cosmopolitan city it is. How the city centre hosts so much dazzling architecture. How it is a melding pot of all sorts of cultures, world famous, a conglomerate of various lifestyles. In fact, a list came out a few years ago with the 50 Most Deprived Areas Of The UK on it, and Leeds was nowhere to be seen. Obviously the person who compiled that list has never set foot inside the city boundaries.’

Mixenden: ‘I cannot believe that this scumhole of the North has not yet been recorded as one of the worst chav towns in the entirety of the U.K. Halifax is a town that has, or should I say, used to have, the reputation of an honest, working man’s town, with everyone living in harmony, with very little trouble. However, following various recessions, and a lack of employment, a certain species of life came out of the dark cracks of society and reared it’s ugly head.’

Wakefield: ‘Wakefield’s claim to fame is that it is the Rhubarb Capital Of The UK. Seriously. Local chavs are also proud to announce that Wakefield boasts two Mc Donald’s (yes, DOUBLE the job opportunities for most of our school-leavers), a cathedral (that makes it a city, you see, and as good as Manchester or Liverpool or London, you SEE…) and a prison housing some of the most dangerous, sociopathic mass-murderers in the country.’

Do you live in any of the areas mentioned? Do you find these extracts true or perhaps offensive? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @YStandardOnline.

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  1. Janet says:

    The Leeds one is true, we see the main city centre very nice but as soon as you venture out it looks rundown. Hilarious comments though!

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