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The Yorkshire Standard’s most popular stories in 2014

Yorkshire Standard Most Popular 2014

2014 was the year the Yorkshire Standard launched. But we decided to look back at the stories our readers clicked on and shared the most.

Below are 10 of the most popular stories we published this year. The headings contain links to the individual stories.

10. ‘Santa’ to be seen flying on Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, the International Space Station (ISS) passed over the UK and gave children a great opportunity to spot ‘Santa’ on his sleigh.

The ISS was incredibly bright, which made it easier to see in the night sky.

9. “You guys being here stops us stealing to eat”

A charity that operates in Keighley, Bradford and Leeds received thanks from a service-user who was visiting the soup kitchen for nearly a month.

He said: “If it weren’t for these people coming out and helping us, we’d be all committing crime and all be locked up…

“These lot have got full-time jobs at the end of the day, and they’re coming out and helping us.”

8. Britain First tell supporters to avoid West Yorkshire areas

Britain First Facebook

Far-right political group Britain First came under fire for advising its supporters to avoid Bradford, Dewsbury and East London.

A supporter wrote a comment on the Britain First Facebook page asking for names of towns that people could no longer go into ‘cause of the scum’.

The admin of the Britain First Facebook page replied with ‘Bradford, All of East London, Dewsbury, Luton and parts of most major cities’.

7. The prankster who started pillow fights in Bradford’s city centre

An online prankster, who goes by the name of Speedo Shy, came to Bradford and started pillow fights with complete strangers.

He said one the reasons he did it was to “prove people have a sense of humour no matter where they live.”

6. Man arrested for burning an English copy of the Koran

A 19-year-old from Leeds was arrested in connection with an offensive video he posted on a social media website.

A video, which was shared to the Yorkshire Standard, showed the man ripping apart an English translation of the Koran with his teeth and putting it in the toilet before burning it.

5. ‘Get Murphy home’ campaign goes viral

Get Murphy Home

A couple from Bradford searched far and wide to have their beloved Siberian Husky dog named Murphy returned home.

He slipped from his collar in Scholemoor Cemetery and is believed to have been found and sold on within a couple of hours of going missing.

The campaign for Murphy’s return has been shared by magician Dynamo, X Factor presenter Dermot O’Leary and comedian Johnny Vegas.

4. The student who fought homelessness and graduated

A student who once wandered the streets for a place to seek refuge graduated with a 2:1 degree at university.

Ammad Aslam, who is originally from Rochdale, also fought domestic abuse, peer pressure and financial struggles.

He overcome the challenges and is hoping to pursue his interest of health and fitness hoping to one day become a teacher, a personal trainer or similar.

3. The family who wanted their baby to see for the first time

Sleeping Rmaya with her father Kev Dempsey

A family from Leeds attempted to fundraise for a young baby girl named Rmaya so she could see for the first time in her life.

They were calling for donations to help her undergo an operation in Thailand, which was the cheapest place the family knew of that would provide the much-needed operation.

This story was published on the first day the Yorkshire Standard launched.

2. The Bradford sweet house fined for using illegal dye

An owner of a Asian sweet shop in Bradford was fined after inspectors found products containing illegal food colourings.

A Public Analyst found ingredients that contained an illegal dye known as Rhodamine B.

It is an industrial chemical, which can be used to trace sewer leaks and is not a permitted food additive.

1. The man who was just staring at a house

Thornton Man Staring

A man from the Thornton area of Bradford was arrested on suspicion of public order offences.

Concerned residents reported a suspicious man staring at a house who they believed followed two girls home.

Residents reportedly chased the man back to his house before calling West Yorkshire Police.

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