Published On: Sat, Jun 20th, 2015 on 2:06 pm

Bradford youth assault not believed to have been racially motivated

An online video showing teens launching a sustained and violent attack on a younger boy is not believed to have been racially-motivated, say police.

The video, which went viral, showed a young 12-year-old boy punched in the head and kicked in the back.

Kid Bullied Beaten Up Video

Taken from the shocking video.

He attempted to escape from the attackers, banged on a window for help before being thrown to the floor and beaten by an older boy.

Yesterday, police had established the location of the assault, and through computer enquiries and the use of police school officers, identified the potential victim and three suspects for the assault and subsequent posting of the video on Facebook.

Shortly after 3pm, three 13-year-old boys were arrested within the Bradford area on suspicion of assault. An interview was also carried out with the 12-year-old victim.

Video was recorded early May

Detective Chief Inspector Terry Long of Bradford Police said: “Thankfully a member of the public has reported the Facebook video posting of the assault which occurred in early May 2015.

“It was not reported to the Police at the time. We don’t believe the attack to be racially motivated. The Police in Bradford will not tolerate incidents of this type and we will respond quickly and professionally.”

Following the investigation and interviews, two of the boys have been charged with attempted robbery and assault. Both boys were released on bail to appear at Bradford Youth Court at a future date.

The third boy was released on bail for further enquiries to be undertaken.

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  1. Sinead Wilkinson says:

    Disgusting and heartbreaking . I reported this when I saw on Facebook . They responded by taking it down and asked if they could do anything to improve. I said report to police and see if the boy is ok. I haven’t slept a good night since. Ime delighted to learn they are arrested. I personally would love to speak to this young boy to as his crys will haunt me for a long time. Being a mother myself I hope my son never has to go through this. Ime thinking of you young man and I hope this does not affect you forever.

  2. andy says:

    according to the the reports,there is no racial motivation towards a white lad getting a beating.its been going on for years ,but always gets played down!!!!!my next holiday is bradford just for the culture

  3. Tony Townsend says:

    3 Asian boys beat a white boy… not believe to be racially motivated. Let’s spin this round… 3 white boys beat up Asian boy…. What do you think the headline would be?

  4. Stephen ward says:

    If it where 3 white boys hitting an Asian e would all be called for it if you know what I mean , they need sorting

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