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Millions of dog owners could be prosecuted, this is why

Many dog owners are believed to be unprepared for new legislation which makes it compulsory to microchip their pets from April 2016.

Dog Microchipping

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Online retailer MedicAnimal took a straw poll of animal rescues and believes that over 3.5 million dogs in the country still have to be microchipped before the deadline, and a further 2.7 million dog owners could be prosecuted for failing to keep their contact details up to date.

Rescues and shelters told MedicAnimal that anywhere between 5% and 33% of cats presented to shelters were chipped and 60% of dogs.

Around half of all microchips detected in those pets proved to be registered against out of date, or incorrect owner contact details.

The new law comes into place from 6 April 2016 in England, requiring that dogs are chipped and owners keep their contact details up to date.

If the dog is not microchipped or the keeper’s details are not up to date, they will be served with a Notice. The keeper then has 21 days to comply with the regulations or face a fine up to £500.

“Please think about acting now”

MedicAnimal founder and vet, Andrew Bucher, said: “Chipped pets can quickly be reunited with their owners as long as the contact details are correct but those that are not are rarely reunited and in fact place a tremendous strain on the resources of animal charities.

“There are clearly millions of people set to break the law by spring next year and our plea to them is to please think about acting now to give vets and implanters time to chip and register their pets.”

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  1. Nick Lee says:

    Whilst putting the onus on owners and threatening fines perhaps the dog wardens,vets and rescues should be held to account by being forced to use a chip reader that will read ALL chips.It’s not a clear cut exercise as may be implied.Level playing field is required.

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