Published On: Thu, May 28th, 2015 on 1:30 pm

Protesters gather across Yorkshire for anti-austerity protests

Protesters, believed to be in the thousands, gathered in Bradford, Huddersfield and Leeds yesterday to take part in anti-austerity protests on the State Opening of Parliament.

Anti Austerity Protest Leeds

Led by the Youth Fight for Jobs (YFJ) group, protesters gathered to demand an end to cutbacks proposed by the new Conservative government, calling for an end to austerity.

They also voiced opposition to welfare cuts, and the minimum wage to be increased to £10 as well as the scrapping of zero-hour contracts.

Iain Dalton, Yorkshire YFJ organiser, said: “The response at demonstrations around the country shows that there is big opposition to what the government is proposing. Only 24% of the electorate voted for the government.

“Many young people who several of their measures are aimed at were below the voting age for that election as well. Interestingly, they’re already pushed back their proposals regarding the human rights act, which shows how protest can move them.”

It is believed 1,000 people attended the protest in Leeds.

Dalton added: “Given the weather, 1,000 people turning up was beyond our expectations. Many of those people who were on their first protest have been in touch with us to ask when the next demonstration is.”

Close sources present at the protests have told the Yorkshire Standard around hundreds more attended in Bradford and Huddersfield. All protests in Yorkshire were peaceful.

Anti-austerity protests also took place in London, Belfast and Coventry.

The YFJ says it is building towards a day of action with the Fast Food Rights campaign in Wakefield on 13 June, leading up towards an anti-austerity demo in London on the 20 June.

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