Published On: Tue, Jun 16th, 2015 on 5:39 pm

Creepy clown plans on returning to roam streets of Halifax

EXCLUSIVE: A mysterious clown who roamed the streets of Halifax has said he will be out and about this weekend.

Halifax Clown

A photo that was taken of the clown.

The clown, who prefers his identity to remain a secret, became popular over a year ago when local residents spotted him going for late night walks.

He has been seen and photographed in Halifax town centre, Boothtown, Pellon and Siddal.

The Halifax clown told the Yorkshire Standard: “I’ve actually missed being out and about very much. I hope to be back on the streets this weekend, and I’ve got quite a lot of places I’d like to visit.

“The last time I went out was in March time, near Salterhebble walking towards Elland, and had quite a lot of cars stop and take photos.”

“Some people ask me not to come visit them”

When the Yorkshire Standard wrote about the clown earlier this year, the story went viral and some residents expressed concerns.

The clown said: “I get all kinds of feedback really, some people ask me not to come visit them, and some people ask me to go visit them. Either to scare them or they think they can fight me. It’s all about having a laugh really, I’m not here to scare anyone.”

What do you think of the clown? Would you be scared if you saw him? Let us know in the comments.

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