Published On: Mon, Mar 30th, 2015 on 3:23 pm

VIDEO: ‘UFO’ caught hovering over Leeds city centre

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A ‘UFO’ has been apparently filmed hovering over Leeds in West Yorkshire.

UFO Leeds Hovering

Image: Strangeness Video/YouTube.

The video shows the unidentified flying object flying at a steady speed above city buildings before vanishing in a sudden flash of light.

The uploader of the video says that the audio has been replaced with music as the “eyewitnesses do not want their names or identities to be released.”

The origin of the video remains a mystery, but coincidentally, the film was in the perfect place at the time of recording.

The last video uploaded by the same channel also has a ‘UFO’ – different from the one in Leeds – flying slowly above Michigan.

Real or fake? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. truth says:

    Aliens exist everywhere
    Wen the tym comes they wil make themselves known to every1
    It’s all about tym
    In other country’s
    Ther is actual evidence and object and other stuff that prove we are sure not alone

  2. Toni says:

    It’s true! I was walking in a local park when aliens abducted be back in November 1975 and did they did things to me. They probed and abused me physically for 3 days. I visited the same spot since that time daily but they never came back! ;-)

  3. Tony says:

    Fake – As it approaches the middle building it starts to pass in front, then disappears and reappears on the other side, as though it came from behind, but even here, you can see part of it in front of the building. If it were real, there would be many more sightings and films.

  4. Jerry says:

    This is the online newspaper and I saw it when I was in town at the time.

  5. Maz says:

    Fake. The flash in the video doesnt just light up surrounding objects/(buildings) it lights up everything on the screen and even areas that are in the shaddow of the object. Far away buildings that are in front of it would be shielded from any flashing

  6. Sam says:

    Fake fake fake. Aliens aren’t real, if they we’re there would be sufficient evidence by now. If you think this is real, you’ll be able to read the work “gullible” written on the side of the craft.

  7. pete says:

    easy jet or similar on approach to leeds/bradford airport ,this is the flight path for approach .

  8. Jessica Louise says:

    I saw the same UFO flying when I was shopping for magazines in the busy city centre. My jaw dropped all of the way to the floor as I was shocked by the spectacle. I could simply not believe it. Now I no that there really is something out there.

  9. Thomas Scriven says:

    I saw the same UFO hovering the same day. It flew right above me on my walk to the co-op. I couldn’t believe it!

  10. Maye says:

    i have seen a ufo in leeds city centre it was some time ago last year me and a friend was sat on the balcony at the top floor of the clarence dock apartments we was flashing a powerful green laser in the sky and moments after we seen a big bright light indescribable slowly come from above me an my mate it was like time stopped as it hovered for a moment like it was curious and then it disappeared into thin air also like it does in this video me and my mate looked straight at each other excited and surprised and was like did u see that omg so on was incredible experience

  11. Matty says:

    I watched 5 seconds of that vid can instantly tell it’s fake the contrast of the “ufo” is way off for the rest of the clip nothing is ever perfectly still like that how can it be when the planet is in constant rotation and why would the person recording the clip want the ufo at the top of the screen and capture the buildings instead? If I was to record a ufo sighting I would have the Ido in the middle of the screen and be zooming in to see the little green b*****ds in the window laughing and waving at us

  12. Tony says:

    if you look real close, you can see the proper shape, and the writing on the side, which says”…….
    Hello to all you gullible people that think it’s real

  13. Joe says:

    Even if this WAS REAL, I want to know why would aliens want to visit Leeds… Surely there are better places to be ? ahaha lol

  14. krystal says:

    We seen a ufo shaped object hovering over armley prison with a red and green light flashing the other night then it shot off really fast wasnt a hellicopter as it was moving one way stoppes in sky then whent back

    • Josh says:

      I live in Bramley I’ve got a view of the city from my flat I saw a red light flashing and moving slow above the city. Not a plane because it was moving in all kinds of directions and then vanished very strange.

  15. Laura says:

    April fools

  16. gena says:

    Fake! That is right outside my office window on the 18th floor of that building where it “DISSAPEARED” we would of seen it we don’t work we day dream

  17. Lee c says:

    full on April fool this

  18. metel beard says:

    Its a april fools dumb asses

  19. Nicole says:

    Sorry but I think the alien thing is fack

  20. Ella says:

    Even if aliens do exist, I’m pretty sure Leeds is the last place they’d want to visit lol. This is so fake.

  21. Gary Heseltine says:

    This is classic CGI especially when it disappears. Gary Heseltine, Editor of UFO Truth Magazine.

  22. micky says:

    Saw similar over Barnsley around 730 am looked like a military drone but did disappear in a shot …? The truth is out there

  23. Gil Carlson says:

    What if… aliens and UFOs were real and they were entrenched in our planet and even working with our government? You may be in for a surprise!

  24. annon says:

    Its fake, who films a “ufo” and doesn’t use the zoom function on their camera? Also it looks like it could just be 1 cloud in the sky floating across

  25. Simon Scott says:

    as the ‘UFO’ fully disappears into the building the frame skips…its a fake.

  26. Luke says:

    i want to believe it but why has no one else seen it in the whole of Leeds surely people would be all over facebook saying did you see that in the sky would also probably make the local news at least

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