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Women invited to discuss the C-word whilst making anatomical cupcakes

EXCLUSIVE: A peculiar event is being held next week inviting women to discuss one of the most offensive swear words in the English language, whilst making peculiar cupcakes.

Vagina Cupcakes

Image: Irregular Arts.

The Anatomical Cup Cake Decorating event will be hosted by Bradford-based Irregular Arts, an organisation that hosts provocative performances, out-of-the-ordinary events and peculiar projects.

A conversation about our bodies

Jenny Wilson, Artistic Director and Founder of Irregular Arts, said: “We will combine the enjoyable activity of decorating the cupcakes with a conversation about our bodies, and the language that is used to describe us. For example – when my son was little, we had no problem with what words he should use to talk about his body parts – ‘willy’ and ‘penis’ are both commonly used words, understood by most people and not regarded as offensive (in context).

“However, when my daughter came along, it was more complex as the commonly accepted words for her private parts were a mix of euphemisms, medical language, and vague or inaccurate terms like ‘front bottom’. The C-word is regarded as one of the most offensive swear words in our language – we’re interested in discussing why that is.”

The Anatomical Cup Cake Decorating event is a women’s-only event, requires booking, is for over 16s, and will take place on 23 February at the Fox and the Magpie, Shipley.

“The workshop immediately attracted attention”

The event was advertised on social media, and now only a couple of places are left.

Jenny said: “The workshop immediately attracted attention when we posted it on our website and social media, almost entirely from women who thought it was a great idea and wanted to take part. As it’s a one-off event at this stage, lots of women have been disappointed that they can’t make the date.”

The workshop is part and parcel of a performance named ‘An Odd Occasion’ taking place on 6 March, which aims to explore questions of identity and gender using humour and encouraging the audience to engage and debate issues.

The anatomical cupcakes, commissioned by Frances Andrews, will be offered to the audience whilst the performance takes place.

The same performance also advertises an invitation for people to ‘dance inappropriately’.

To find out more about Irregular Arts and the events, please visit

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