Published On: Thu, Feb 12th, 2015 on 7:37 pm

Yorkshire tourist attraction bans public affection on Valentine’s Day

A popular attraction located in Yorkshire has banned all public displays of affection this Valentine’s Day.

Love-struck couples have been told to leave their kisses at The York Dungeon door and prepare only for the kiss of life if it is needed.

York Dungeon Valentines Day

Image: The York Dungeon.

Helen Douglas, General Manager at The York Dungeon, said: “If visitors are looking for love, this certainly isn’t the place to be this Valentine’s Day.

“With jump through the roof surprises, the only physical contact we’ll accept is the kiss of life.”

In 2010, the same attraction announced a ‘Holding Hands Ban’ with thumbscrews at the ready for all those who failed to comply.

If caught holding hands inside, the offending visitors were asked to put both of their thumbs into thumbscrews for the rest of their tour, rendering them incapable of holding hands.

The new public affection ban comes following the launch of the new Grave Robbers show.

Upon entering the Dungeon, visitors are greeted by a ‘Grave Robber’ who is preparing for the hanging of the legendary Dick Turpin, before being warned to be on their guard as they walk through darkness and tombstones in St. George’s Cemetery.

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