Published On: Mon, Jun 1st, 2015 on 4:12 pm The game where eating balls is fun

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A free online multiplayer game named has been taking the world by storm recently.

In the game, you play as a tiny colored cell trying to eat smaller cells all the while avoiding being devoured into someone else’s mass which means game over. Game

Image: is extremely addictive, especially once you realise that you can detach parts of your own body and launch them at other players making yourself smaller and faster, but also more vulnerable.

The game has been featured and played by popular YouTubers across the world, and over 50,000 players are listed often as playing – which means it’s attracting a lot of attention.

Characters are limited for good reasons, but also allows users to make their own name (even if it’s a swear or advertisement). Players often find country names, ‘Nazi’ and ‘Doge’ bloating around.

It is repetitive however, and if you’re not good – being gobbled up continuously – then you do find yourself quitting because the time and effort you put into creating your circle of death.

My tips for the game would be:

  1. Do not attract attention to yourself with names ‘Justin Bieber’ or ‘Eat Me’
  2. Gather a certain size before you head out to the centre of attention
  3. If you know you can’t follow a quicker smaller ball, give up
  4. Eject mass when you know for certain you’re about to be gobbled (it can save your life)

Play the game at

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