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Yorkshire to defend Andrew Gale against charge of racism

Andrew Gale Yorkshire Cricketer

Andrew Gale. Image courtesy: Yorkshire County Cricket Club

Yorkshire captain Andrew Gale has become the first county cricketer to be accused of racism after he was charged yesterday by the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB).

According to Telegraph Sport, Gale was charged with using racist and abusive language to Lancashire’s South African batsman Ashwell Prince on the third evening of the Roses match on 3 September.

Gale and Prince are believed to have exchanged insults in the match at Old Trafford as Yorkshire pushed for a victory in the championship race.

Gale was close to Prince who is alleged to have told him to “f*** off back to cover point,” to which Gale responded by saying “Well you can f*** off back to your own country you Kolpak f*****.”

‘Kolpak’ players are cricketers born outside this country but able to play in England as non-overseas players.

He was reported by umpires Steve Garrett and Steve O’Shaughnessy for a level two offence – essentially using language or a gesture of an offensive nature – and received an automatic suspension for two matches on account of a previous demeanour involving dissent.

Those defending Gale, including Club members, believe he has been unfairly charged and are adamant there were no racist elements to the words made.

If found guilty, it is likely that Gale would face a ban and/or a fine.

The Yorkshire County Cricket Club’s vice chairman, who is also a retired solicitor, Robin Smith, has said: “The Club fully supports Andrew Gale and will assist him in his defence of these allegations by ensuring he receives the best possible legal advice.”

The Club refuses to make a further statement on the matter until the conclusion of the proceedings.

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  1. Anna C says:

    Pretty sure people use worse words than kolpak on the pitch so don’t know what the biggy is.

    Only thing that could be used against him is him telling someone to get back to their own country. Wanna see where this goes!

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