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WATCH: Investigators ‘make contact’ with spirit in Armley Mills

Armley Mills Simply Ghost Nights

Image: Simply Ghost Nights/YouTube.

A spirit has supposedly been captured on video trying to communicate with paranormal investigators in the famous Armley Mills in Leeds.

Simply Ghost Nights, an events company which hosts ghost hunts throughout the UK, conducted the investigation with guests on 17 January.

They recorded a video taken during a séance in which guests urged a spirit named Mr Grimes to move the table.

After urging the spirit to make contact, the table started shaking.

Rosey Dawson, co-founder of Simply Ghost Nights, said: “The table tipping incident only involved our guests with none of our team involved.

“The guests were very surprised and we had some amazing comments on the night. Armley Mills is one of the longest-running locations we’ve used and we’ve been going there for around nine years.

“There is something new every time we go. We tend to have children come through because sadly a lot of them lost their lives working the machinery.”

On the night, guests claimed to have seen lights whilst inside a windowless room, and one investigator who wandered alone heard a growl beside him.

Armley Mills was once the largest woollen mill in the world, and also a place of poor working conditions and child labour.

Considered by some ghost investigators as the most haunted building in Leeds, visitors have reported seeing shadowy figures and hearing sounds of children laughing and coughing.

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