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Baildon screenplay writer works on sci-fi film about alien abduction

Abduction Film

Baildon residents are getting a close encounter with the third kind in a sci-fi thriller in the making.

Adam James Mawson, 37, is working on a film named ‘Abduction’, which tells the fictional tale of how 10-year-old Johnathan Harrison, along with five other children, went missing without a trace back in 1985.

Abduction Film

Johnathan’s best friend Paul was sleeping over at his house that night, and knew what he had seen.

After the disappearances, the community of Baildon village began to put pressure on the police and the blame was put on an ex-offender who was falsely charged for murdering the children.

28 years later, Paul is now 38-years-old living a normal life with a family of his own. But one evening, his friend returns along with the other five children in the same place where they had vanished, as eerie events start to unfold across the UK.

Abduction Film

Screenplay writer Mr Mawson worked on a teaser trailer, filming the scenes using his iPhone 4s and teaching himself to use video editing software to create his own special effects.

He told the Yorkshire Standard: “Because of my passion for film I decided to create Abduction, and also due to the lack of originality on television.

“I thought this would be a great opportunity to create something fresh which not only could be a film, but also a television series.”

Mr Mawson, who lives in Baildon himself, felt that the village scenery would make the perfect location to shoot scenes for the film.

He said: “The scenery of Baildon moors opens itself to be part of Abduction, and the houses that overlook the moors are truly fitting to the story of Johnathan and Ryan who are the two main characters in this story.”

Mr Mawson released a teaser trailer on YouTube in May last year, and to date, it has had thousands of views.

Surprised with the response he’s received, he said: “The feedback through YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have been phenomenal in ten months.

“With no marketing, I have reached nearly 29,000 views worldwide so I believe I have touched a nerve with a lot of people.”

Mr Mawson himself used to be a TV extra for five years for a casting agency based in Bradford and even worked in DCI Banks and A Touch Of Frost, amongst many others.

Working alongside many stars, he got an insight into how much work goes into making productions, and believes his own work can break new boundaries.

He said: “It’s something to stimulate people’s minds and it’s what people deserve on their screens. I’m just looking for that one chance, that one opportunity to make this come true.

“And I truly believe that if this was made, it would blow people away.”

You can find ‘Abduction’ on Facebook by searching ‘Abduction Screenplay’, or Follow ‘Abduction’ on Twitter @adam_mawson.

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