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Film review: Avatar (2009)


Blue aliens. Tall in size and able to beat highly space age technology with deities, sticks, gigantic animals with the help of an entire race of an unknown planet named Pandora.

It’s the story behind the film named Avatar that made billions, that took 20 years to make and has made its way into filming history with a new age of CGI technology with a large amount of money spent into production.

It starts off with the story of a disabled soldier named Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) taking over the role of his twin brother and leading into an unknown world with one goal in mind – having the chance to get his legs back.

But along the way, he finds a new sense of life with the entire race of Na’vi, and finding love on the way whilst the dastardly human race tries to conquer the land.

The film features Zoe Saldana portraying the blue-tailed beauty Neytiri, whose character deals with such problems as dealing with abusive elders, being practically forced into marriage and teaching an outsider the ways of the clan. It hints to some modern-day problems relevant in many parts of the world.

The film also features stars such as Sigourney Weaver portraying the head of the scientific team in charge of the Avatar project, Grace. She has a major role in the film as she lost her life to keep the peace of both the human and alien species.

Another starlet is Michelle Rodriguez, the Fast and Furious star who helps the scientists (Trudy Chacon) get the Avatars, along with their driven personalities, to where they need to go.

But as a soldier she went down in the most suitable way, with the honour of war and battle, as the film proceeds to a war well fought and a goal fully-achieved.

Somehow, the film seems to highlight that anyone has the chance to restart in life, and let’s not forget the anti-war messages prevalent throughout the film.

All-in-all, Avatar has a great cast along with a well-known and popular directive style from James Cameron. That said, the storyline is incredibly well written with a unique storyline.

This is definitely a movie that can’t seem to be compared to and will be watched for many years to come.

Rating: 8/10

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