Published On: Mon, May 25th, 2015 on 3:37 pm

EDL brought this flag to Halifax rally, how peaceful

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EDL Halifax

Image: Facebook.

The self-proclaimed ‘peaceful’ far-right English Defence League recently came to Halifax and brought together over 100 protestors.

The group organised a rally against child grooming, but according to news and photos, it all seemed like a pub crawl and a day out (I looked on Facebook and the admin actually called it a ‘top day out with lads’).

Although I think the attendance numbers were exaggerated, one thing really made me question was when the same page admin on Facebook claimed police were ‘heavy handed’.

He or she wrote: “Yes the police was heavy handed pushing and shoving patriots to react then arrested followed but other then that they was no reports of anyone kicking off or trashing the town like people said we would.”

I seriously doubt the police were heavy-handed, but even if they were, would you blame them if someone walked around with a flag that read “WE ARRIVE – WE F*** S*** UP – WE LEAVE”?

The flag sort of ruins the point of the protest. And six people were arrested for breach of the peace, racially aggravated public disorder and indecent exposure. Not so ‘peaceful’ really.

With no anti-EDL rally or opposition to stir tensions, I guess no-one had to be there to expose them. They made a fool out of themselves.

By Bob McArthy, Halifax.

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  1. dan bolton says:

    everytime EDL have a demo trouble makers always turn up to try and get a big name for themselves whether its uaf thugs or Nazi scum bags…..edl are always to blame for idiots spoiling it with silly banners or pathetic writing on a UNION JACK… bigoted media are to blame for this Alot as labelling edl Nazis or racists will always attract idiots like the ones in the pic……why have media blurred their faces out? have media set this pic up to get EDL banned…..NAME AND SHAME THESES THUGS media … EDL and theses on the picture don’t represent EDL

  2. noden the infidel says:

    The flag wasn’t the edl’s flag it was Yorkshires finests this space because we are only gona grow. Muslim groomers of our streeets an its us on the frront line tryin todo just that.what are you lot doing?????? Nothing. U sit back an happily let your kids be groomed an raped. You people need to grow a backbone. Nfse

    • dan bolton says:

      I respect any group standing up to groomers etc, but silly banners about smashing things up are unacceptable….creating trouble at demo is counter productive and no one will ever take you serious…..take note from NWI , they called their group the year of the infidel and only a few people are turning up……if your angry? turn your anger out on the paedos, the labour party whom created this rape cultural society…..

  3. carlton says:

    That flag has nothing to do with edl it is the motto of another Yorkshire group!! Who are bigger and better then what edl turned into!!! We not racist or nazis but willing to stand for our country!!!

    • Matty says:

      Does that mean that nazis and racists can turn up to a protest and do anything they want because no-one will oppose them? No wonder you have so many nazis and racists in your group!

    • dan bolton says:

      “CARLTON” if that FLAG has nothing to do with edl? why was it present at EDL in Halifax…. children have been abused and neglected , and your response is to smash something up……how pathetic can a persons mind work……any anger you should have is at the labour party controlled areas whom have created this culture of paedophilia,,,,,, then maybe I may support your causes

  4. jake says:

    This was not a EDL flag,it was a NWI flag. The EDL would never fly this flag at a demo.The NWI invaded the demo. Please get your facts right next time you accuse the EDL.

  5. Admin says:

    The flag was not originally blurred. The reason we have blurred out the swear words is because of the strong language. This site is viewed by readers of all ages.

  6. Lefty says:

    The lot of them looked like hooligans unhappy with life, so they organised a social. Saw a video earlier, they just shouted “Muslim pedos off are streets”. So this means they are NOT against ALL forms of child grooming, they just dont like the brown ones!

    • BigDave says:

      British kids for British nonces!!

    • Tom says:

      Of course they aren’t against all forms of child grooming there’s row upon row of them in their ranks but when they get arrested it’s the false lies of the lefty fascist police or something :/

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