Published On: Sun, Jun 21st, 2015 on 6:34 pm

Assault video: Racism is well and truly alive in the UK

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The disgusting video showing two or three teens battering some younger kid in Bradford has been a trending topic nationally.

Kid Bullied Beaten Up Video

Taken from the shocking video.

It started showing up on my news feed and the groups who had posted it up were just groups who were EDL or affiliated with them (some of my friends shared them from their page – knowingly or unknowingly I don’t know).

The video had been downloaded and shared by the groups who were calling it a racist crime – even though police said it was probably wasn’t.

Britain First, who once ‘invaded mosques’ in Bradford, shared the video and told people to share it so ‘police could catch them’. This was TWO HOURS AFTER the boys had already been arrested. So this obviously led me to believe these people were just sharing the video to provoke.

On one EDL page, one person called for others to go ‘p*** bashing’, which meant beating up random Pakistanis out on the streets. The comment was Liked a couple of times.

Some other comments left by people (which I screenshot and have saved on my computer), included vile racist comments like:

“Set those smelly P*** b******* on fire”
“Foreign c**** burn the lot of them”
“Black b*******”
“Filthy f****** immigrants”

I don’t even have to prove these comments were made, anyone can see comments like these on the videos themselves. But are people that hypocritical now that they watch a video in which someone is being racist, then start being racist in retaliation? It is sick.

And as someone from Bradford I am sickened by the actions of these youths. They do not represent anyone but themselves.

By Riaz Hussain, Bradford.

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  1. John says:


    Have you been to slaughterhouse? I think you’ll find it’s very unpleasant regardless of the particular method of dispatch. What about battery hens? Not exactly the pinnacle of decency, is it? In any case, most slaughterhouses Halal or otherwise do stun… so it just comes down to the ritual elements such as the prayer and whatnot.

    Shariah Law isn’t in place in the UK, so it’s impossible to ban what’s not there. Shariah Law is used by unofficial courts to arbitrate on civil matters – their rulings are not enforceable. If you were to ban those, you’d have to ban any kind of unofficial arbitration whatsoever, which would lead to a lot of completely absurd situations.

    It’s strange the way you use the word British. What exactly do you mean? Since the comment implies that the article’s author somehow isn’t British, and there’s no reason to assume that especially given that he states he’s from Bradford, then can we take is as give that you mean ‘white’? If you do mean white, just say it. The veneer of respectability is thin enough that anyone with half a brain cell can see through it, anyway.

    Finally, what would you do with all the followers of Islam who were born and bred here? Where exactly would you send them? Can you not see what a completely ridiculous notion that is? We have freedom of religion here; I’m afraid it’s not the business of government what people’s personal beliefs are.

    You say you don’t feel safe in your country. I would suggest that you don’t feel safe because you have convinced yourself of the half-truths and complete lies that EDL and Britain First regularly spout. If you want to feel safe, stop looking at their publications and go and find out for yourself; through experience, not what you’ve been told by groups looking for scapegoats.

  2. Kim says:

    I really wish you reporters would leave Britain First and EDL alone, they are the only ones trying to do something about this situation in the UK. Most of the BRITISH public are sick and tired of what is going on here, our Prime Minister is as much use as a chocolate fireguard!
    I am sick of all the left wing people and those who are ‘politically correct’and do not want to see what is happening in the UK – they all need to open their eyes!
    I for one, do not want Halal slaughter in the UK – it is barbaric and should be banned! I do not want any more mosques, I want Shariah Law banned and all who follow Islam out of the UK, my reason – simple – I do not feel safe in my Country anymore. I am not bothered about you publishing this, it is just so you get a honest view from a British subject.

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