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Ghostly figure photographed in Bradford’s Bolling Hall

EXCLUSIVE: A mysterious figure has been snapped at Bolling Hall in Bradford.

Bolling Hall Ghost

The original photo (back) and the zoomed in and brightened photo (left).

The creepy photograph was taken on 14 February during a ghost investigation hosted by events company Simply Ghost Nights, which hosts ghost hunts throughout the UK.

It was taken on the balcony area, where a ghostly apparition of a ‘lady in grey’ has reportedly been seen walking across.

Bolling Hall Ghost

The figure at the end of the balcony.

The person who took the photograph, who requested not to be named, said: “I wandered around by myself, and was just clicking randomly. It was only when I got home I decided to have a look at my photos when I found this one after I brightened it up and zoomed in.

“But the funny thing is that this photograph was taken before the lights were turned off. But when the lights did get turned off we did vigils and the table moved quite a few times. We also got knocks on the table when we asked for them.”

“We know it’s a very active place”

Stuart Dawson of Simply Ghost Nights, said: “We were attracted to come to Bolling Hall due to its history and its reputation of being a haunted building.

“If you’ve got the right group producing the right energies and spirits want to communicate, then things can happen. Over the years we’ve been coming here, we know it’s a very active place.”

Simply Ghost Nights and guests visited Armley Mills in Leeds last month and recorded footage of a table shaking whilst communicating with a spirit named Mr Grimes.

“It’s hard to fake stuff like this”

When asked whether the photograph was faked, the photographer said: “I could not have faked the photograph, as I sent you [the Yorkshire Standard] the photo as soon as I could. And it’s hard to fake stuff like this.

“But I’m also still a skeptic. It may well be that there’s an explanation for this photo, but it did freak me out when I saw it the first time.”

Bolling Hall dates back to 1086 with mentions in the Domesday book and attracts ghost hunters from across the UK.

The first apparition was sighted in the 1600s, when the head of the Royalist army, the Earl of Newcastle, felt his bed clothes being pulled away from him and saw the apparition of a lady.

The location also appeared on Living TV’s Most Haunted.

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