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Trojan Horse and Henry Jackson Society links in Bradford and the elections

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Trojan Horse Controversy

The Trojan Horse controversy making headlines.

Many are aware of individual articles relating to the ‘Trojan Horse’ hoax, the increasing politicization of Ofsted, the charity commission and the targeting of Muslim charities but are not aware of threads that connect them all. In particular individuals like government Chief Whip Gove, Labour MP Khalid Mahmood, and organisations like Quilliam, Henry Jackson Society (HJS), and the connection to Bradford politics.

So here goes:

  • Gove set up his neo-conservative think tank Policy Exchange in 2002
  • The Policy Exchange was swallowed up in the creation of the foreign inspired US-Israel think tank Henry Jackson society (HJS)
  • Peter Clarke who was appointed by Gove with investigating the trojan horse scandal was on the advisory council for the Policy Exchange
  • 2006 Gove publishes his book Celsius 7/7 he talks about Islam being a threat in a chapter called Trojan Horse
  • 2008 Gove is listed as adviser for Quilliam foundation to tackle the Wahabi plot
  • 2008 Ishtiaq Hussain becomes key figure in Quilliam; he writes for Douglas Murray associate director Henry Jackson Society
  • 2009 The same Ishtiaq Hussain lands a job at the DFE and it is alleged he becomes lead investigator in the Trojan Horse unit
  • 2011 whilst Ishtiaq works for the DFE Gove injects £120k into Quilliam
  • 2012 Emily Dyer leaves the DFE and joins Henry Jackson society. Strangely before her job at the DFE she was working with Gove for the policy exchange
  • William Shawcross is appointed head of the Charity Commission which is now investigating many Muslims charities especially ones linked to raising money for Palestinians. He was on the board of HJS
  • 2013 Rashid Zaman Ali the founder of Quilliam who is also very active in the Henry Jackson society, lands himself a job at Park View, Birmingham – the school at the centre of Trojan Hoax as an Arabic teacher to do his PGCE
  • He does not complete a full year he disappears as quick as he came in
  • Shortly afterwards he presents a joint paper with Hannah Stuart of HJS ‘a guide to refuting Jihadism’. While a year later Hannah Stuart presents a paper for HJS titled ‘Community Policing and Preventing Extremism: Lessons from Bradford’. This non peer reviewed paper targets the charity Interpal and specifically mentions Carlton Bolling College, but fails to mention that the original concern about Interpal and Carlton Bolling College was raised by HJS Research Fellow and Director of Student Rights Rupert Sutton
  • And finally we have Khalid Mahmood MP who is an ‘adviser’ to the Henry Jackson society. More significantly he was the very person that gave the Trojan Hoax allegations ‘credibility’. In essence he was the front man for legitimizing the whole trojan horse scandal which has know proven to be a hoax
  • The HJS stated aim is interventionist policy in the Middle East, that reads as WAR WAR WAR on what are majority Muslim populated countries

What’s more interesting is that just before the governing body was removed from Carlton Bolling College, pictures of Khalid Mahmood with Labour party members from Bradford were circulating. His appearances have been numerous in Bradford over the last year and in particular leading up to the selection debacle of the Parliamentary Candidate (PC) for Labour for Bradford West.

Why would that be? Could it be that the seat to be contested is held by George Galloway a powerful voice against Israeli aggression and Zionism?

Khalid Mahmood’s visits haven’t slowed down and he has been appearing on panels clearly supporting the Labour PC whether it is welcome or not, including a recent event for ‘chachis’ to which I was invited to. He then also appeared at what I thought was a women-only event a few days later, once again with the Labour PC.

In a further twist, a Conservative PC is also an ex-research fellow from Henry Jackson Society. Wherever you look it’s HJS, all backing each other up!

Make an informed choice, I have. I know who the enemy is and it’s not George Galloway, it’s not the hard working teachers in Bradford Schools, it’s not the victims (governors, students), there is only one plot and that plot is the HJS plot to manipulate British Society and politics and they are the threat to democracy not Muslims.

By Faisal Khan, Respect party councillor, Bradford Moor.

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