Published On: Sat, Jun 13th, 2015 on 1:50 pm

Fury after young girls filmed ‘bullying’ Muslim couple on tram

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Over 100,000 people have watched a video of a Muslim couple being ‘bullied’ while travelling on the tram with their nine-month-old baby.

Girls Bully Muslim Couple Bus

The Muslim couple, distinctively dressed, are insulted.

The couple were travelling on the Metrolink Tram from Rochdale to Oldham with their baby when six teenage girls came onto the tram at the Shaw and Crompton station.

In the video, one girl is seen making remarks to the Muslim woman wearing a niqab, calling her a “daft little b****” whilst another asks “is anyone putting a 10p in your nose?”

One girl calls someone else on the tram a “little b****” for being “nosy” before the Muslim male is asked “are you a paedophile as well?”

A baby can be heard crying later on in the video.

“None of the other commuters were saying anything”

The uploader of the video wrote: “One of the girls started off by saying “Aren’t you feeling hot in that?” to which my wife replied “that shouldn’t concern you”. The girls then carried on making other remarks and using condescending swear words. I informed them that my wife’s mother had just passed away, to which they showed no remorse or empathy and carried on swearing and using abusive language. I then got up and told them to stop and again informed them politely that my wife’s mother has just passed away. They carried on with the abusive language. They even threatened to “punch my wife on her face”.

“None of the other commuters were saying anything. I warned them that they were being recorded by CCTV and there were many witnesses to what they were doing. They took no heed. At this point I felt this needed to be recorded as evidence. Our baby had awoken and was screaming in fear. Who can be so heartless?

“Fortunately, there were some off-duty police officers at the other end of the tram, who rushed over to assist after hearing the commotion. They threw the girls off the tram at the next stop. Questions now arise. What if the police officers weren’t there, what would have been the outcome? What if my wife was alone with the baby? What if this happened to someone else? Nobody deserves to be treated in this manner, regardless of race or religion. We were simply minding our own business and there was no need for this vile, disgusting behaviour.”

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  1. Anon says:

    This is why we need to get rid of bias, ignorant and brain washing media like the Daily Mail, Sunday Express etc., we need more people like TYT, RT, The Trews etc.

  2. sobia says:

    this story kinda went into the attention and police are supposedly investigating great work yorkshire standard

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