Published On: Thu, Jun 25th, 2015 on 12:18 pm

School apologises to parents after staff shares ‘offensive’ image

A school in Bradford has apologised to parents after a member of staff allegedly shared a Facebook image promoted by far-right group Britain First.

Laisterdyke Business Enterprise College

Laisterdyke Business & Enterprise College. Image: Google.

A staff member from Laisterdyke Business & Enterprise College shared an image of women wearing the niqab, a veil worn by some Muslim women.

School Apology Over Britain First Share

This image was shared on Facebook.


The image was shared publicly and garnered attention on social media and then brought to the attention of the school.

A statement was issued following concerns, and a letter from the Principal was also sent to parents and carers of pupils on 24 June.

It read: “You may be aware of the tasteless and offensive Facebook post regarding the Hijab, allegedly posted by a member of staff. This appalling action in no way represents the thoughts, feelings of actions of Laisterdyke Business and Enterprise College and the 207 other individuals who work here.

“Prejudice and racism in any form is not acceptable in or out of our college and any such behaviour is taken very seriously. That is why the matter has been reported to the police for investigation as a hate crime.

“Our responsibility to pupils and parents is our top priority. Please be assured we are taking all appropriate internal action.”

Police are investigating into the matter.

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  1. Dan says:

    Hopefully with more and more Britain First posts being reported to the police in situations like this, the higher the chance will be of that group being closed down for good. Nothing but racism, hate speech and propaganda meant to indoctrinate the weak minded into blaming immigrants for everything. These neo-Nazis are dangerous.

  2. Vicky says:

    What you post on social media is linked to your employers HR policies. Many people still don’t realise this. Social media isn’t private.
    If this teacher agrees with a far right group then I would also question if there is a conflict of interest in them doing their job, and they should be monitored in line with the schools policy.

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